For those readers who deplore Jonah Goldberg's "nugatory" rantings (to use a word he favors in relation to the 9/11 truth writers), there is a way to find out more about this issue from the best possible source, Dr. David Ray Griffin, in person. He will be speaking at the Britt ballroom, SOU campus, at 7:30 tonight.

I just wish Mr. Goldberg could be there! On page 317 of his newest book, "Debunking 9/11 Debunkers," Dr. Griffin permits himself an imaginary reply to journalists like Mr. Goldberg: "We refuse to let our knowledge, however limited, be informed by your ignorance, however vast." Amen to that! — Harriett Rex Smith, Ashland

Not even as the dust settled I read in the MT how organizers are already considering a September or November levy attempt. Do they just not get it?

I, too, am in support of our libraries; however, let's find a way for everyone to share in its cost, not just the homeowners! — Robert Thorp, Eagle Point

I am writing regarding the Mount Ashland expansion. I have been skiing and snowboarding on Mount Ashland for 11 years. However, I don't believe that the expansion will benefit our community.

I am greatly concerned about the effect the expansion will have on our local watershed. I am worried about the drastic increase in erosion the expansion will cause; the silt caused by erosion can cost millions to remove from our fresh water supply, and about the expansion's effect on endangered species in our area. I believe that the Mount Ashland Association is behaving totally irresponsibly toward our community.

Mount Ashland wishes to draw a greater number of people to the mountain by going through with this expansion, but until Mount Ashland has reliable lifts, a well-designed and built terrain park, a half-pipe and night skiing on the entire mountain, people will continue to bring their business to other resorts. If Mount Ashland wants to compete with other mountains they need to be able to maintain what they already have before they build more runs.

I think we would all benefit more from a well-maintained resort and a pristine watershed than from a larger resort. —Soleil Rowan, Ashland

My dog Abby gives a special "paws up" to whomever designed and built the new swimming pool at Medford's dog park. She says it's great to cool off in after a hot game of chase-the-ball.

Thanks! — R. Refsnider, Medford

In the local section of the May 17 edition, page 3B, there was an article titled "Ashland fire truck crashes into car." Ashland's police Sgt. Teresa Selby said Chad Pisors couldn't see the small car and that no citations are expected to be given as an investigation showed the crash was an unavoidable accident because the car was in the truck's blind spot.

Just let me say this: If my log truck or cement truck or gravel truck had changed lanes and hit this car, I guarantee you that I would have been issued a citation. I don't want Mr. Pisors to get into trouble and I certainly support our fire departments, but there is no blind spot on the right side of that truck. That is why there are specially designed mirrors to avoid that.

Sorry Chad, but I drove trucks for 40 years and Sgt. Selby needs to go back to the academy or the Laundromat or wherever she got her badge. — Bob Gibson, Trail

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