War is insane! The entire time man has been on this planet, he has chosen to kill. Diplomacy is the answer. If a country refuses to negotiate, then cut off their foreign aid.

If all countries were governed by women, war would be a thing of the past (except for hair pulling!). As the hippies used to say, "Make love, not war."

We should also consider taking the Ten Commandments seriously — "Thou shalt not kill" being one of them. An 11th might be added: "Thou shalt fasten thy seat belt and obey the speed limit."

Any other thoughts on this? — Marjorie Monroe, Jacksonville

I love how anytime a person does something like the Virginia Tech killer, the news media get blamed for the copycat artists because of their reporting. Or it's the plethora of today's horror movies, violent films, television, rap music, etc.

I love all of the above, and I had my fair share of days where I was picked on for being tall and a minority. But I never resorted to fighting someone, let alone shooting them. Why? I was given love and shown right from wrong.

The news organizations have to report the news. The VT killer was a huge story. The guy was an idiot. His actions were senseless. But they were not caused by any form of entertainment or news.

I agree sometimes it's too easy to get a gun in this country. And in this case, they landed in the wrong person's hands. But get off the anti-media bandwagon. It's a dead horse, a fall guy wrongly accused every time.

It's called personal responsibility, like telling your kids the guy in the newspaper did a "bad thing" and is "not cool." That's being a responsible, loving parent, and helps avoid future wackos. — Chris McCrellis-Mitchell, Medford

I would like to compliment NBC, I believe it was, for their thorough news coverage of just how we managed to discover and break the terrorists' plot to attack Fort Dix. I'm sure future terrorists were watching and will be sure not to make the same mistake.

I don't mean to single out NBC because I'm sure any of the networks would have worked overtime to tell the country and the terrorists exactly what they did wrong to get caught. Remember how the media told how the London bombers were tracked across Europe by following their cell phones? You can bet next time they will have untraceable phones. Remember when the media informed bin Laden we were listening into his satellite telephone conversations? It is true, some won't admit it now, but it can be looked up on the Internet.

The media should be held accountable. They claim their right to publish such information, but if it were a well-paying client or their political favorite, you will never hear it from them. — Gem Burke, Medford

Headline for an AP article on the front page of the May 10 paper says: "Homegrown radicals ..." The article doesn't mention that three of the terrorists who plotted against our servicemen at Fort Dix are illegals. Does that sound like homegrown to you?

Two other questions: Why doesn't the article point out the fact that these men had no business being in the United States, and why are there any illegals in the United States?

Legal immigration can be a good thing. Illegals are lawbreakers, and in the Fort Dix case, they are evil. — Donna Daniels, Ashland

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