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Letters to the editor, Sept. 5, 2018

Helping is satisfying

Few things in life are as satisfying as helping someone who needs it. Providing a ride, helping them move, babysitting, feeding pets or watering plants while someone is on vacation.

I can’t think of an assist more valuable than helping those among us who for whatever reason need help obtaining food. In Ashland, nearly 3,000 donors enjoy that satisfying feeling six times each year. By picking up one nonperishable food item each time they grocery shop, setting it in a green Food Project bag, then setting it on their front porch to be picked up.

The Ashland Food Project makes it really easy to help the single mothers and fathers who are having trouble making ends meet or the elderly living on fixed and inadequate incomes or those who are temporarily out of work. Roughly 600 households benefit from the food that the Ashland Emergency Food Bank provides month. Approximately 25 percent of the individuals served are children. If you would like to enjoy the feeling that is derived from helping people six times a year with very little effort, go to www.ashlandfoodproject.com and sign up.

Brad Galusha, steering committee


Two Americans

John McCain was a navy pilot shot down over North Vietnam, held as a POW and tortured for over five years. Trump was a draft dodger who bragged that risking sexually transmitted diseases was “my personal Vietnam.” He ridiculed POWs for getting caught: “I like people who weren’t captured.”

Captain McCain went on to become a distinguished statesman. Birther Trump became commander-in-chief of the Republican Party’s war on truth.

Sen. McCain was considered a “maverick” for being a man of principle who put country before party. Trump’s only guiding principles are lust and greed. It’s fitting that McCain’s last official act was foiling the Republican plot to deprive over 20 million Americans of their healthcare benefits, and his last political statement described Trump’s groveling before Putin in Helsinki as “one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory.”

McCain’s passing is doubly tragic, for with him passes the Republican Party’s last vestige of honor. In lieu of patriotism, they’re left with a cheesy, reality-show parody: Trump smirking vacuously as he gives our flag a nonconsensual hug (seriously – Google ‘Trump hugs flag’). It’s the end of an era.

Michael Steely


Proud to pledge

I am under the assumption that one of your previous letter writers has never felt the pain of armed combat or the pain and suffering that goes when you lose a loved one to war. I pray she never does.

As a veteran I am proud to stand up like a grade-schooler and pledge my allegiance to that piece of cloth, as she so eloquently called it. My chest puffs out, my eyes tear up with so much pride and humility at the same time. I stand a little taller with my hand over my heart.

That piece of cloth is a symbol of this great country that so many have given their all for. For those who fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.

Maybe she was absent the day her teacher explained how “our” Pledge of Allegiance came to be... . Look back to 1892 and then again to 1923 when “The flag of the United States of America” was added.

Please take a moment to understand what “one nation indivisible” truly means.

Dick Thomas

Eagle Point

Good job, Mr. Sessions

Regarding recent developments with the Mueller investigation, i.e. guilty verdicts for Paul Manafort and guilty pleas by Michael Cohen, I commend Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He declared the Department of Justice to be independent and non-political with regards to said investigation.

Even though I despise the Donald, and the nauseating ethical/moral stench wafting up from him and his administration, Sessions has shown his spine by standing up to his divisive, narcissistic, thin-skinned and juvenile bully of a boss. It also was proper for Sessions to recuse himself from that investigation, given that he was involved in the campaign.

Bravo, Mr. Sessions! If there truly was no Russian collusion in the 2016 election as the Donald insists, what better way to prove it than to allow Mueller to finish his thorough investigation? In the meantime, Mueller serves the American people by unearthing all of the collateral corruption tied to the POTUS.

In more general terms, Americans need to be alarmed when the POTUS demands loyalty in order to thwart justice, and values the policy direction of Fox, Putin, and friends over intelligence provided by the expertise of his own national security advisors. I hope we survive.

Joseph Bova


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