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Letters to the editor, Nov. 19

Fair cougar coverage refreshing

At last a balanced article about cougar conflicts and Oregon’s misguided management strategy, which can be summed up in two word: kill more.

Thank you to the Oregonian reporter, notably not a sports reporter, who researched the topic without bias and refreshingly did not simply vomit out the ODFW side. Instead, three prominent cougar biologists’ viewpoints opposing ODFW were covered which exposed Oregon’s weak population model and the unusual inclusion of kittens in the population estimate, something not done by other states. Also exposed was the fact that Oregon bases its management strategy of ever increasing cougar killing on anecdotal theories, as opposed to the best peer reviewed science. That body of science reveals that heavy cougar killing results in increased conflicts with people and livestock. Time for a change at ODFW.

S. Mackler


Don’t buy into Trump’s hysteria

A caravan of asylum-seekers trekking toward the U.S. border has President Trump in an uproar. Consider, however: there are between 3,500 and 5,000 people in the caravan. That’s a minuscule number. About 40 times that many migrants (mostly legal) cross from Mexico every week of the year. Every week. That caravan is nothing. Imagining that the group did not consist of families, women and children, but instead of armed-to-the-teeth militants, then those 5,000 men would still be a mosquito to the most powerful military on Earth. Less than a mosquito. But President Trump is ranting, and he wants us to buy into his squeaking hysteria.

To paraphrase the poet Gary Snyder, “The release of demonic energies in the name of the people must cease / The stifling self-indulgence in anger in the name of freedom must cease / [this is] not the work of wolves and eagles / but the work of hysterical sheep.”

Don Stahl


Our veterans deserve better

As the Veterans Day weekends ends, I couldn’t believe the news that DJT could not make the ceremony of the 100-year anniversary to mark the end of World War I in Paris due to rain and logistics. Funny, none of the other world leaders seemed to have had any issues with getting there. Maybe his “bone spurs” were acting up due to the chilly weather?

On top of that, he was a no-show for the presidential ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery for Veterans Day.

To use one of his trite expressions: “Sad!”

Our country and our veterans deserve better.

Chris Glud


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