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Letters to the editor, Nov. 16

Bribery defined

Have you been noticing the bribes coming your way from Jordan Cove?

Watch out! Beware!


Bribery defined: Giving gifts to influence others.

Psalm 26:9, 10

Nancy Adams


Better than this

With the midterms behind us, legislators can return to addressing our nation’s many problems. Oh, wait – that hasn’t happened since we put a Kenyan in the White House. Republicans went nuts and refused to work with him. To remove any doubt that it was about race, they made the biggest blowhard in the Birther Movement their party leader.

He bragged about molesting women, attacked minorities, re-tweeted white supremacist propaganda, parroted crackpot conspiracy theories and ridiculed POWs for getting caught. The Republican response: “Trump says what we think.”

So now we have a clueless bigot playing president, vandalizing our healthcare and environment to spite the “Kenyan,” fomenting hatred of immigrants and refugees, berating Congress for not funding the Great Wall of Trump that he said Mexico would pay for and raging against the FBI for interfering in Russia’s election meddling. His inflammatory lies have torn us apart and fueled a surge in hate crimes.

Some cheer Trump’s psychotic behavior. Others praise him for not yet wrecking the growing economy he inherited from President Obama. The U.S. is supposed to be better than this — a “shining city upon a hill.” Shouldn’t we at least make a pretense of believing in our hype?

Michael Steely


How did Golden win? Ask Cathy Shaw

A recent editorial urged the state Legislature to proceed with care because of a new Democratic supermajority, aided by the fact that “Jeff Golden prevailed more easily than expected.”

I disagree that Golden’s election by a whopping 13 points was unexpected. I know his opponent accepted PAC dollars and was endorsed by the incumbent and local influentials. And I know she outspent Jeff four-to-one. I also know that upstate consultants and lobbyists weren’t happy with Jeff for turning down their money. So how DID he win, and by such a big margin?

The answer is simple: Cathy Shaw ran his campaign. Shaw put over 350 volunteers on the streets and managed every aspect of the campaign. Many don’t know Shaw literally “wrote the book” on how to win elections in rural America. Cathy has lectured on the subject at Yale and the University of California. Shaw is also a gifted data scientist and has analyzed every election in this region for decades. She knows where her voters live, and what kind of messaging moves them. Our local Democratic Party needs to appreciate Cathy’s positive effect on local and state politics. They can’t win without her machine, it’s that simple.

Charles McHenry

Central Point

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