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Letters to the editor, Nov. 15

Blame The Donald

The Donald has succeeded again in his efforts to misrepresent the facts. Just because there are trees in Malibu doesn’t make it a forest. The current fires in California are city fires. The devastated loss of life and property should not be subjected to ridicule and lies.

Secondly, the federal government owns 98 percent of the publicly owned forestland in California. The Donald has cut the budget to the agency responsible for the maintenance of our national forest. So who’s responsible for the forest mismanagement? The Donald! Sad!

Hal Frenzel


You OK?

I’m asking because, as I’ve pointed out before, your newspaper, it seems, is being held hostage by an ignorant, angry minority of geriatrics. Are they sharing their butter cookies and tea with you?

Your pathetic “suggestion” to re-elect Walden was sad enough and now (Sunday’s) reefer madness front page is almost a cry for help. As your subscription base gets smaller and smaller as the death rates for whites gets lower and lower, I can’t wait to see what’s in store to scare us yokels next. How about a good old-fashioned Martian invasion?

Or, we haven’t had a good commie scare in awhile. You can hire Curt Ankerberg as a columnist, as I hear he’s looking for a new gig. After all, the line separating your weak-kneed editorial policies and Ankerberg’s anger and paranoia is basically semantic.

Dan Queen


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