Letters to the Editor, May 9

Letters to the Editor, May 9

Overuse of “hate”

Years past, the word “love” was much misused. Now the word “hate” is ubiquitous.

To avoid rational discourse that threatens prejudice, silence the opposition. That’s the modern academic way. Accuse your opponent of hate.

Those who act to defend the First Amendment are accused of hate. A defender of free speech may be motivated by respect for the Constitution and the benefits of a free country, but attracts accusations of hate. Without the gift of mind-reading we only guess our opponent’s thinking. Some admit to hate; then believe it.

A terrorist may not hate, but act to avoid hell and gain paradise, or however wrong, still rationally believe the act is right. If someone opposes a religious cause that leads to terror, the media is quick to accuse “hate.”

It is possible to respect a person while disrespecting the forces that oppress the person. Disrespect is not hate.

Ira Edwards


Voting for Jamie

I have attended the candidates’ forum and have read everything I can about the candidates’ platforms. After thoughtful evaluation I will be casting my vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

On a personal level I feel she has a real sense of the Rogue Valley and its needs because she has lived here. More importantly, she has a thorough understanding of our district as a whole. She sees the specific issues of rural areas and as well as cities like Bend and Medford. It is not only what she knows, that is important to me. It is who she is. I find her to be a woman of integrity, a woman who listens and a woman who can “get ’er done.” Please consider her your candidate, too.

Ellen Quin Ley


Odd savior

Why do so many people seek someone to save them? And, more perplexing, why have so many looked to Donald Trump, hardly a paragon of virtue, as their savior?

Perhaps early conditioning creates a savior-seeking mindset. Likely during impressionable childhood years a belief gets seared into the psyche of individuals along with fear that deviation from such belief would provoke an invisible sky judge to zap them with a lightning bolt.

Reality check: Nature, not an unseen hand, randomly delivers lightning bolts during a thunderstorm. Safety-seeking actions, not an imaginary guardian, will decrease one’s chances of being struck.

People who rely on a fanciful friend or actual humans to think for them should educate themselves on major issues. Inability to think independently begets tribal behavior — strict adherence to beliefs of a tribe or political party, despite contradictory evidence regarding certain of those beliefs.

Ironically, people who imprison themselves in repressive belief systems shout the loudest about freedom. For such repressed, fearful people, Donald Trump suffices as their savior, and they submissively follow him on his quest to undermine American values, culminating, he imagines, in his royal coronation.

Marie Arvette


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