Letters to the Editor, May 4

Letters to the Editor, May 4

Get the money up front

The first point of Marie Rodriquez’s homily (Letters, April 21) is self-evident: A quasi-historical king with enough slaves can get his projects built without unduly stressing his commitments to the 1,000 women hanging around the palace — regardless of what others may say about his marital or religious commitments.

After that, Rodriquez gets in a muddle. Apparently, she’s under the impression that the telegenic Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal put skin in the game with hopes of becoming Mrs. Donald Trump Numero X, and that they are now on the talk shows to dredge up sympathy for their broken hearts, thwarted dreams and jilted status. The ladies are in it for the money, not any moral edification or uplift. They’re cashing in on personal experiences that, at the time, must have lurched between the laughable and the lamentable.

The ladies have earned whatever dosh they can talk out of the old lecher. The lesson for the rest of us is, when dealing with a very stable genius, always get the money up front with no strings attached.

John Gaffey


Supporting Parker

In the years I have known Larry Parker, I have witnessed his patient, level-headed approach within the scope of his law practice and his family.

Larry has dedicated his career to his passion, defending those who struggle to access expensive legal representation. Larry is committed to serving his fellow veterans, his country, his community and his family. Larry’s extensive trial experience, his mindful temperament, and his impressive knowledge of the law make him the most qualified candidate for Jackson County Circuit Court judge.

Gretchen Hartrick


Remember Parkland

Our so-called president’s unhinged behavior grabs all the headlines, but we shouldn’t let it overshadow the horror of schoolchildren being gunned down in Parkland and their classmates being smeared by lunatics for objecting to it. No sane nation would tolerate such an atrocity, but it was neither our first nor our worst.

Only in America do we make the tools of mass murder so readily available and then act surprised when someone uses them to commit mass murder. Of course guns don’t kill people — blame the shooter and those who make it so easy for him to obtain so much firepower. Putting profits before lives, the NRA and its minions in Congress oppose closing background check loopholes or taking weapons of war off the civilian market. Posing as patriots, they rail against anyone seeking a cure for our epidemic of gun violence, even as it infects our schools.

This is clearly a mental health issue: We’re crazy to let the gun industry dictate gun policy. Nobody needs a gun that can shoot hundreds of people in minutes. Zealots call it their right; victims call BS. It’s time we join the kids in saying, “Enough.” Let’s get civilized.

Michael Steely


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