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Letters to the Editor, May 24

No respect earned

In response to Doug Dusenberry, I believe a great many of the Tribune’s readers have absolutely no desire to read any message, tweet or otherwise, from an admitted sexual predator and serial liar. The guy in the White House has not earned the respect Mr. Dusenberry want us to give him.

Mary Lewis


Parenting suggestions

As a father, grandfather and teacher I offer the following suggestions for good parenting.

Everything a child says is important to them. It should be important to you too. Listen.

There is never a legitimate reason to humiliate a child.

Don’t make how well a child does in sports more important than your love for them.

Give them space for activities without adults being involved. Let them have their own adventures.

Be consistent. Make your rewards and consequences reasonable. Never back down.

Warren Carlson


Mental illness and guns

Russ Vedder (Letters, May 22) advocates focusing on mental illness instead of restricting ownership of assault weapons. He is, of course, half right.

The difference between an assault weapon and a .22 or other potential killers such as rocks and sticks is power. The greater the power, the more necessary is responsibility and even, at some point, restriction.

Obviously the problem here is huge — too overwhelming for any one approach to master. We do need to focus on mental health. We also need to reduce stress in our crazy-making society.

We also need to de-fetishize guns. They are only tools. And it is common sense to keep as many assault rifles out of non-military hands as possible, along with tanks, bazookas and nukes.

Nicholas Follansbee


Bait and switch despicable

How despicable is the bait and switch of major phone companies? As retirees on a fixed income, are we just stuck with a dishonest sale? Just wondering if this has been an issue for others in our beautiful valley.

Jim and Susan Gmur

Central Point

Treatment, not jail

The cry for a new, larger jail is misguided. Yes, we do need more beds, but they should be for treatment of mental health and addiction issues.

Our jail has a revolving door with many of the same individuals being imprisoned over and over, never getting help for the real reason for their return behind bars. Let’s put our tax dollars to better use than locking up people who need treatment instead of pointless incarceration.

Jail doesn’t work, but treatment at least has a chance.

Claudia Little, BSN, MPH


Embassy move correct

Trump may be obnoxious, arrogant and crude, but I’m glad he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, moved the American embassy there and canceled the horrible agreement with Iran that Obama shoved down our throats. I’m also grateful that he named Nikki Haley as America’s ambassador to the U.N.

Meanwhile the terrorists in the Gaza Strip, knowing the dangers, sent their people out to invade Israel in order to kill Jews, hoping many of their own people would die, thus inciting the world’s enmity against Israel.

Maynard Telpner


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