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Letters to the Editor, May 18

Sick and tired

A federal judge finally told it like it is when it comes to this asinine witch hunt against President Trump.

This is one American who is sick and tired of hearing about Russia and Stormy Daniels! Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort should get a public apology from the national media and the Democratic Party.

Washed up old has-beens like Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi should ride off into the California sunset.

The Democrats and the media gave up on the legal citizens of this country a long time ago. Maybe they should all go down to Latin America and give out their elitist and expert advice down there.

Maybe not, now that I think about it. They have enough problems down there as it is.

Joe Thomas


Farm Bill wish list

While the news media focus on Trump’s daily chaos, the GOP is moving a Farm Bill through Congress that is a wish list for industrial agriculture and pesticide corporations, weakens the organic industry, punishes the poor and promotes practices that harm our soil and pollinators and pollute our air and water.

The bill eliminates SNAP (food stamps) for 2 million Americans and adds work requirements; allows unlimited commodity subsidies to megafarms (60 percent of subsidies would go to corporate farms); guts programs ($350 million) providing assistance to rural communities and family farmers to grow local and regional food systems; cuts funding by nearly $1 billion to conservation practices that help farmers and ranchers protect soil, air, water and pollinators; grants a request from Dow Chemical to exempt the use of pesticides from the Endangered Species Act, giving EPA free rein to approve pesticides harmful to farmworkers and endangered species; prevents state and local governments from regulating pesticides regionally (possibly wiping out hundreds of food safety laws); eliminates all funding for the organic cost share program; weakens the board that advises on organic standards and thwarts better crop insurance or conservation support for organic producers. Where’s Walden?

Betsy Shanafelt


Raise care standards

In reference to “Who can you trust?” (Sunday, May 6), Mrs. Tracy’s experience may have been averted had more stringent requirements for caregivers been in place.

I reference the state of Washington’s administrative code 246-980 WAC, an excellent guide for the state of Oregon to implement. The code requires that all direct care employees of a home-care agency or state-licensed assisted living facility:

  • Have 75 hours of state approved training.
  • Pass the care aide certification examination.
  • Have 12 hours of continuing education each year for re-certification.
  • Pass state and federal background, fingerprint identification and national sex offender registry checks.

Some might say it will be too costly for the state, however, the $85 application and yearly renewal fee seems to be enough for the state of Washington to maintain such a program. Agencies and facilities can study the business plans of their industry in Washington to understand how they survived when implementing these requirements for the care of the aged and infirmed.

I encourage everyone to contact their state representatives and encourage them to set the same high standards here in Oregon.

Karin Bickford


No respect

South Medford baseball coach suspended: front page.

Historic release of three prisoners by North Korea: page six.

You had no respect for either article. Just another reason why your newspaper oozes a slight odor if one leaves it around the house.

Jim Barry


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