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Letters to the Editor, May 16

Trumped by Trump

Republicanism has been trumped by this president.

Once the party of Lincoln, conservationist Teddy Roosevelt and fiscal conservatism, the GOP is now the Trumpist Party. It supports and enables lies, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, suppression of-science, ignorance, incompetence, and corruption. Columnists, pundits, and politicians who defend and enable this president or campaign under his banner are as culpable as is he.

Amazingly, decent people seem to think they can run as Republicans but evade the Trump banner. Even in Oregon, this just isn’t so. In Southern Oregon, we have three otherwise sane and reputable Republican women who seem not to realize that campaigning as Republicans means they serve, enable,and defend this president who has complete contempt for women. Senate District 3 Republican Jessica Gomez, House District 5 Republican Sandra Abercrombie and House District 6 Republican Kim Wallan all have some explaining to do.

This president trumps ‘the year of the woman.’

Trisha Vigil


Nonchalance distressing

Gary Nelson (May 9) cast activity of the Klu Klux Klan in Medford as “unfortunate but not earth-shaking.” His dismissal of the danger assured readers, “The days of Klan parades through town by day and burning crosses by night are relics of the past, and efforts to revive them with transparent appeals to hatred are doomed to failure.”

That happy missive overlooks the fact that appeals to race hatred these days generally are not transparent, but more often coded, as when white nationalists speak of “14 words.” Or when the President of the United States last year described white supremacists gathered at Charlottesville, Virginia, as “very fine people.”

Subtle signals akin to dog whistles motivate that movement, not cross burning, at least not in public.

Nonchalance about local KKK activity is deeply distressing. Leaflets dropped on driveways in Medford last week signal that society has not progressed nearly so far as one might like to believe. Shameful old legacies persist despite good intentions.

Jay Lininger


Remember in November

On Friday, April 13, The U.S. House of Representatives voted 233-184 to defeat what has become known as the Balanced Budget Act of 2018. It was written as a constitutional amendment.

The legislation is a GOP creation; their response to the nearly $1.9 trillion deficit they themselves created by passing the new 2018 tax law late last year. Among other features, this legislation would have triggered automatic and ample cuts to both Social Security and Medicare by raiding the trust fund and restructuring Medicare. These cuts would not have been limited to ‘future entitlements,’ either. Current SSA and Medicare beneficiaries would have been stung good and hard, with no recourse.

All readers should know that Congressman Greg Walden voted yes on this legislation. Anyone who receives or expects to receive SSA/Medicare should think carefully about this. Does Walden best represent your interests? In November, vote accordingly.

Andrew Kubik


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