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Letters to the Editor, May 15

Need for arms has changed

The Second Amendment was passed on Dec. 15, 1791. Some facts from that time period:

Firearms were single-shot muskets and flintlocks. Reloading was required after every shot. Accuracy was not a given.

There were no police stations.

There were no standing armies.

Danger was everywhere from native Americans to thugs.

There were no grocery stores on every corner. Food was acquired by guns.

The U.S. population was about 3 million (Los Angeles is larger today).

Go forward to today. Firearms of today can shoot many rounds per minute, especially if equipped with a bump stock. Imagine what an AR-15 could do during the Revolutionary War. We have police stations with officers on patrol at all hours. We have standing armies and state militias. The need for the right to bear arms as it was in 1791 has changed. The Second Amendment needs to be changed as well. Assault weapons of all sorts need to be banned. Gun laws similar to the state of Massachusetts would helpful.

Bob Williamson


Honor Flight needs help

In the past, it’s been a life-changing event for many veterans who have participated.

Honor Flight of Oregon plans to fly World War II and Korean War vets on Sept. 14 to 16 to see their memorials in Washington, D.C. The cost to send each vet is approximately $1,000. (Guardians and medical personnel who accompany them pay their own way.)

This notification is sent in hopes that readers will consider contributing toward this trip while vets of those wars, now in their mid-80s to over 90 are still physically able to travel.

The majority of the board of directors for Honor Flight of Oregon are Non Commissioned Officers Association (NCOA) members from the Rogue Chapter. We need to pay for this flight in August.

Every little bit helps, so please consider making a donation. Write a check payable to Rogue Chapter NCOA and put “Honor Flight “in the comments section (100 percent of your donation will help a vet get to Washington, D.C.). Kindly mail contributions to Rogue Chapter #1260 NCOA, PO Box 5597, Central Point, OR 97502.

Thank you in advance for your compassionate consideration.

Terry M. Haines, NCOA chairman, Rogue Chapter 1260

Central Point

Overturn Citizens United

The Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United establishes money as free speech. This has predictably turned our representative democracy into a sewer.

The people representing money have no morals, no conscience, no ethics and no concept of the truth. Even more frightening are the ardent supporters of this cult of personality. No matter how low the moral slime oozes, they will enthusiastically follow their slippery masters.

The ruling of Citizens United must be overturned legislatively or greed and corruption will destroy our country. Write to your representative, vote for a representative, that will support a constitutional amendment (the Sanders amendment) to rid elections of corrupt money.

Tom Espinosa


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