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Letters to the Editor, May 14

Out of the darkness

I disagree with the May 9, “My View.” It is when are backs are turned or when we are complacent that our house, the White House, is trumped, thus allowing the Ku Klux Klan to climb out of the darkness where we vanquished them. They have simply laid in wait until a new leader emerged.

Robin Brown


Vote for me

I’m Kevin Stine, and I’m asking for your vote for state Senate. Being on the Medford City Council and working at ACCESS, where I helped house homeless veterans, brought me great interest in working to solve the housing crisis.

Medford is making strides, but when every city of size in Oregon is in a housing crisis, there’s a clear problem within our statewide zoning, codes and goals. This must be priority number one.

I’m not a person that will ever just back down and vote party-line. I’m bold in my viewpoints, and don’t campaign on rhetoric, but on ideas. I’m just as willing to talk with conservative radio host Bill Meyer as I am to talk on JPR or KSKQ. Southern Oregon needs a fighter in Salem, to get us a voice through the clutter. I’m asking to be that person. Vote Kevin Stine.

Kevin Stine


Voting for Golden

I’m voting for Jeff Golden for state senator from District 3. Jeff is honest, experienced, sincere, and is in tune with our time. He speaks his messages with eloquence and clarity, just what we need from our elected officials.

His election will help return us to progressive legislative solutions that this time so clearly demands. Jeff will work to improve the sagging Oregon public educational status, kick start our national role in climate mitigation necessary for our planet and crucial to the next generation of Oregon businesses and help return Oregon to a once proud “green status” that tourists just love. Tourism and a respectable public educational system brings jobs and new clean industries to the state, provides the educated people to build houses, takes care of our autos, renewable energy and emerging electronic needs, and provides the person power to see to our medical requirements.

Ray Seidler


Integrity counts

Jeff Golden’s lived in Southern Oregon for about as long as I have, nearly 50 years. I know him as someone who’s intelligent, hard-working, courageous and thoroughly committed to public service.

During his younger years, Jeff accumulated tons of valuable life experience from the “school of hard knocks.” One thing that still really impresses me about Jeff dates from when he had his long-running interview show on the radio: his remarkably incisive comments and knowledgeable questions to his many different guests, day after day, on a wide variety of subjects. Further, Jeff knows his way around Oregon politics and won’t require on-the-job training. His commitment not to accept special-interest campaign funding will put him in a good position to take on an opponent in the November election who has big-money backing. It’s well past time to show that such integrity can win elections in this country.

Jeff LaLande


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