Letters to the Editor, March 8

Letters to the Editor, March 8

Assault weapons

The assault weapon debate can be made very simple. If you are in favor of public access to these weapons please imagine that your child or grandchild has just been killed in an assault weapon massacre.

After you have that settled in your brain, if you still believe that assault weapons should be available to most people and that you could publicly state that to everyone after, then the issue is settled, so be it. If however, you have a hard time imagining this scenario then perhaps you can bring yourself to at least question the sanity of allowing assault weapons in the hands of everyone.

Steve Armitage


The AR-15

According to a recent article in the Mail Tribune, Sunday Feb. 25, the AR-15 is a super-deadly weapon. It has attained this status because of the high-velocity ammunition that it uses. The article leads one to believe that this is somehow unique to the AR-15.

The truth is that this same ammo is used in many sporting rifles, rifles that function exactly the same as the AR-15. But none of these sporting rifles look like the AR-15, which has been made to function well in less than ideal conditions.

Besides providing the shooter protection from a hot barrel, it has other features that assure that it will operate reliably. All of these things make it look like an “assault rifle,” but none of them make it any more deadly than any other rifle of the same caliber. It doesn’t shoot any faster or farther.

Why the AR-15 should be selected as something to be banned just doesn’t make sense, since the only difference between it and any other rifle is that it looks the way it does. If this were applied to society in general it would certainly be racist and wrong.

Bob Roe


Take the blinders off

This is in response to Michael Gerson's column titled "The paralyzed politics of gun violence" appearing in the Feb. 27 Mail Tribune.

All the mistakes made so far this year in trying to keep assault weapons out of the hands of deranged individuals should indicate the difficulty of such an approach.

Take the political blinders off and view the carnage with common sense. There are just too many assault weapons among the citizenry to keep these powerful guns from falling into the wrong hands.

The only solution is to take them out of circulation. Outlaw their manufacturer and importation. Offer a rewards program of several years' duration for turning them in. After that, criminal charges with fines and prison time for possession.

Stephen Bull


Will doesn't measure up

Who does George Will think he is writing an article about Billy Graham: "neither prophet nor theologian." Who is he to judge our wonderful Billy Graham, he knows nothing about Billy's Christian teaching to people that have never known God and because of him, millions have changed their lives.

So Mr. George Will, you cannot even measure up to our precious Billy Graham. You do not judge, God does.

Gloria Ruth

Central Point

America proud

Awoke to a couple inches of snow the other morning exactly as I had hoped. Great day planned; a pot of soup and the U.S. men's curling team semifinals match "on tape."

After the win, a bonus — the medal ceremony for the U.S. women's hockey gold. What a "kumbaya" moment.

Then I mistakenly read the last few days' vitriolic pap on the opinion page. Guess I'm still just an ignorant, gun-toting, knuckle-dragger.

Hope I haven't burned the soup.

Larry E. Evans, proud NRA Endowment member

White City


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