Letters to the editor, March 28

Letters to the editor, March 28

Who Walden represents

Greg Walden claims he works hard for District 2 and boasts about Republican party accomplishments. Among them, a rollback of regulations, which helps capitalists and hurts consumers; repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate, that will leave some 13 million uninsured and raise insurance rates for everyone; and the $1.5 trillion tax overhaul, according to CBO, a gift to the wealthy the working class will pay for.

Walden raised over $3 million last year, after he became chairman of the powerful Energy & Commerce Committee with jurisdiction over health care, energy, and telecommunications legislation. Donations to his war chest included over $500,000 made by hospitals, doctors, drug and insurance companies, $200,000 from the oil and gas industry, and $70,000 from broadcasters.

By following the money, it becomes obvious whom Walden represents, and it isn’t the 2nd District.

Kathy Svendsen

Grants Pass

The right to work

The biggest mistake of the Republican who lost the U.S. House special election near Pittsburgh was that he spoke in favor of “right to work” laws in a district that remains predominantly pre-post-industrial.

What’s wrong with a right to work? I assume that such a right requires private companies and government agencies to read all incoming résumés, fairly evaluate all applicants on the basis of grades and test scores, and hire on the basis of merit. I infer that anyone who hires consultants, selects candidates or receives a job, and does so on the basis of cronyism, nepotism, networking, or sinecures, goes to jail (beware, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Chester Arthur, and Silicon Valley).

If an individual cannot find a job, then government becomes the employer of last resort. In the distant future, worker rights might even extend to employment in the precise field for which the worker went into debt. After all, work is a right.

Oh, sorry. The “right to work” is Republipath misdirection for the right of employers to avoid unionization. Never mind. The “right to work” is the same type of fraud as the Demopublican JOBS Act and no more a U.S. right than is health care.

Hunter Greer


Zinke’s marching orders

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke follows orders from Safari International and the NRA, members for whom a rifle is a phallic symbol. Financial backing by these associations predisposed Zinke to swallow the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s myth that encouraging wealthy big-game hunters, such as Trump’s trophy-hunting adult sons, to pay to slay threatened species helps finance conservation programs.

National Geographic investigated the claim that hunting helps conserve threatened animals and found little evidence that such conservation tactic works, especially in kleptocracies such as Zimbabwe and Tanzania. It found, for example, that Tanzania lost two-thirds of its lions from 1993 to 2014, despite a trophy-hunting “conservation” program.

Elephant populations, too, have declined from 200,000 in 1972 to 21,000 in 2016, according to the Great Elephant Census project. Remaining herds face extinction, in part because Zinke persuaded Trump to reverse the ban on importing trophies from elephant hunts in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Trophy hunters kill innocent animals for self-aggrandizement. People who respect other animal species and understand the importance of sustaining healthy ecosystems condemn such ego-gratifying animal slaughter.

Trophy-hunting promoter Zinke, who is also selling America’s public lands to plundering profiteers, is ill-suited to serve as Interior secretary.

Marie Arvette


Are we ready?

We know people hate the president and want him gone.

Are we sure we are ready for globalism, a One World government, along with Islamic law?

Be careful what you wish for; all that glitters is not gold.

Joan White


Put an end to it

Have you ever heard of the “Christian Doctrine of Discovery?” A google search for “Five Hundred Years of Injustice” will explain to you exactly how the United States was founded by this law in l776.

The “Doctrine” has done a lot of damage and may soon be coming to an end under the Trump Administration and cause a worldwide financial collapse.

Term limits, and public financing of all federal, and state elections, is the answer. No more campaign contributions directly to office holders by anyone, including lobbyists, plus totally repeal Citizens United fundraiser PACs.

Waste, fraud and abuse is what got us to this condition and somebody has to put an end to it or we fail.

With the national debt at $20.6 trillion dollars and rising at a current yearly rate of almost $1 trillion dollars, our way of life is about to change. Adding the state and city municipal bond debt to the mix will kill consumer pockets.

The GOP/Trump tax cuts for the wealthy, plus normal inflation and consumer debt obligations means the United State will be a third world nation.

Take all our politicians off the For Sale list!

Donald G. Siedenburg

Grants Pass

Bands, choir were great

Thanks to the Phoenix High School Choir and Bands for a very entertaining evening Thursday, March 8.

It was so beautiful, all I can say is wow!

Carolyn Whitmore


Ban assault weapons

Earlier this month, a former SWAT officer shot and killed a shooter armed with a handgun. Arming teachers is ludicrous. He or she is most likely on a suicide mission. In the recent Florida school shooting 150 shots were fired in less than five minutes from the AR-15 rifle. Congress should reinstate the ban on the sale or ownership of assault rifles. Owners should be able to turn in their rifles to the local police and receive a $1,000 tax credit.

Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the National Rifle Association, stated in 1999 that the NRA was in favor of universal background checks for the purchase of all firearms. No loop holes. The gun manufacturers objected and the NRA changed its position. Private sales at gun shows and between individuals do not require a background check. La Pierre’s annual salary jumped from $190,000 to over $1 million, plus bonuses.

The official publication of the NRA, “The American Rifleman,” has displayed large ads for a gun that will “deliver a pound of lead in less than a minute.” I am a former NRA member, former Marine, gun collector and concealed weapon holder.

Barney Spera


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