Letters to the Editor, March 21

Letters to the Editor, March 21

I was wrong

I am an 81 year-old teacher who for 34 years taught at the middle school and high school level. During the Vietnam era, I counseled my students not to demonstrate and not to wear black armbands to school. Now I believe they were right. I was wrong, and I am sorry.

Now students are walking out of class to ask for help from adults, some of whom are critical of them. Today, i stand with the kids, and I applaud them. We need to take whatever steps are necessary to protect our children in school.

Vera Mahanay


Recycling options

In response to the March 4 letter from Tricia Peck, there are still some recycling options available now that Rogue Disposal has limited their commingle pickup to four items (corrugated cardboard, newspaper, milk-jug style plastic containers, and tin and aluminum cans).

Corrugated cardboard: Cut, fold, or smash boxes to flatten them so they will fit in the commingle bin thus reassuring that the cardboard will be recycled. Not only are big, heavy boxes recyclable but many smaller ones are also corrugated.

Magazines and catalogs: Call the 800 number on the cover and ask the company to remove your name from their mailing list. Or, go to the their website and click on “customer service.”

Glass bottles and jars without lids: Can be recycled at Ray’s Food Place, Food 4 Less and Sherm’s Thunderbird. Rogue Disposal also has a bin for glass deposits parked in Jacksonville. They may have other bins around, too, that I’m not aware of, but you could call them.

Lastly, purchase products with the least amount of packaging. And, don’t forget to take your own bags to the store with you so you never, never, never need to get rid of plastic bags!

L. Holder


Recent murders

Reasonable people want an open and honest debate to arrive at intelligent solutions that will prevent further mass carnage like that in the Parkland, Florida, high school. We want this discussion to include a careful analysis of all the facts, reasons and data, historical evidence and a study of the common denominators of the events/killers: Wll occurred in gun-free zones, the majority of the killers came from fatherless homes, and most were on anti-depressants long-term.

Yet, what we got was a carefully pre-staged, scripted and choreographed string of events filled with vitriol and geared to shut down reasonable speech and intelligent discourse. We saw the “conversation” degenerate into an emotional morass barren of any intelligence. We saw the NRA targeted because its 5 million free citizen-members want to exercise their natural right to “keep and bear arms.”

Why do some demand that innocent, law-abiding Americans surrender their basic human rights of self-defense because a student with a long but deliberately unreported criminal past murdered fellow students? How will the banning of certain weapons cause a decrease in murders in Chicago, which has seen five Parklands in eight weeks? Why blame the tool, when the cause was a colossal failure of government?

Mitch Rofter


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