Letters to the Editor, March 20

Letters to the Editor, March 20

Godspeed, Robert Mueller

Let me see, when impeachment time comes who shall we believe?

Do we believe the wounded, decorated Marine war veteran, the Republican director of the FBI that kept our country free of any large-scale terrorists attacks during his tenure, the person that was selected for the job by both Republican and Democratic presidents, a man well-known for exceptional honesty and integrity, the epitome of a Boy Scout, a patriot in every sense of the word? Or, shall we believe the Putin-envying, immoral, pathological lying liar, charlatan, Mr. bone-spur dodger, and the midnight rambler David Nunez?

If you picked the latter, congratulations. You have now joined the ranks of the some of the people that can be fooled all the time.

Godspeed, Robert Mueller, Godspeed.

Steve Armantrout


Marijuana land-use issues

Many of the land-use conflicts generated by the marijuana growers of the Rogue Valley may soon mitigate themselves. The overproduction here is rampant.

Local prices have dropped at least 50 percent. Probably 80 percent of the local crop is leaving the state. California just approved legal marijuana and is in the process of licensing over 100,000 growers. Canada, which will likely legalize recreational marijuana soon, has licensed 91 growers.

The market in Canada is uncertain, of course, but best estimates put it at 800,000 kilos a year. The top 10 growers will have the capacity to produce 1.5 million kilos, with the other 81 accounting for another 1 million. Gross overproduction will collapse prices and most growers will go broke. How can the little guy compete with state-of-the-art, 600,000-square-foot indoor grows in Canada, with the research resources to develop ever better strains? Pot growing will revert back to hobby farming and industrial farming should disappear.

Tony Pippel


Grateful for NRA

Thank goodness for organizations such as the National Rifle Association and Oregon Firearms Federation representing our Second Amendment rights. Too bad Oregon did not have a more powerful lobby for land use rights and we might have a few remaining in Oregon.

Guns have always been and are a part of our society, so allow the good people of this country the right to protect themselves and others (national conceal carry) and quit relying on government to do it. We will all be better off in the long run. Example being, the private citizens that stopped the church shootings compared to the campus resource officer that hid and tapped out with his government pension.

Jon Proud

Central Point

‘Very fine people’

Let me guess: The two men who were passing out Holocaust-denier fliers prior to a recent performance of the Collaborative Theatre Project’s current production of “The Diary of Anne Frank” were some of the “very fine people on both sides” referred to by President Trump in his pathetic attempt to defend the moral character of white supremacists, neo-Nazis and others of their ilk who were involved in last year’s “pride” march in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Should there be any doubt that these two men have been emboldened by our president’s tepid response to this march? Sad.

Kurt Bernhardt


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