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Letters to the Editor, June 7

Support the parade

After 80 years, I can’t help but think of all the men that have gone off to fight America’s battles, to protect our interests and our friends, never to return alive to this precious land, plus all who return and live with broken bodies and minds; my heart aches and my mind can hardly comprehend it. And to think, they made such sacrifice on my behalf!

I’m amazed, proud and thankful that such a heroic spirit exist in this world. But it seems it is only at the cemetery that we show honor and gratitude to them, and remember how fortunate we are to have had them in our midst. Why?

President Trump wants to stage an old-fashioned military parade that this country hasn’t held in ages, to celebrate, demonstrate and proclaim America’s profound pride, respect and gratitude to the men and women of our armed forces.

I say let’s break out the dress uniforms, let the flags fly, let the troops march; the bands blare and the drums roll! And let America stand tall with pride, as America’s finest prepare themselves for whatever the future brings. Please, let your congressional representatives know that you support this parade.

Everett Wilkins


Partisanship is showing again

I enjoyed the well-written opinion piece in your Other Views section on June 5thabout Trump’s pardon of Rod Blagojevich. However, I continue to be annoyed by the Trib’s pattern of trumpeting the political affiliation of wrongdoers only when they are Republican. Let it be known that Blagojevich, imprisoned for 18 years for federal crimes, is a Democrat.

Bob Waldo


Where is the outrage?

I look back over the year so far, with multiple school shootings. The usual condolences for the victims and their families, hardening our schools, calls for more guns and guards in the schools, metal detectors, etc.

What I do not hear is the outrage that I feel. Outrage against NRA and its members (shame on anyone who does not cancel their membership). Outrage for the cowardly greedy Republicans (and some Democrats) who are so afraid of the NRA that they sacrifice the lives of American students, inner-city blacks and our communal safety on the altar of campaign dollars and ego-driven political ambitions.

The Florida students who stood up and asked for us adults to make their schools safe through sensible gun control were laughed at and dismissed on right-wing hate radio. They were not cowardly, they were strong patriots asking for help. How much longer must this outrage go on? How much longer do we put guns of war ahead of the safety of our citizens? Stand up and be counted. Remove guns of war, multi -hot magazines, etc. from the arsenal we are allowed to own.

Ken Gosling


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