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Letters to the Editor, June 3

Report disappointing

I’m disappointed with the report by Damian Mann on Pacific Power’s plans to install 88,000 smart meters across Jackson County. His report is an example of biased, unbalanced reporting that favors the plans of a powerful utility company in contrast to the concerns of the public. The information expressing Pacific Power’s position on smart meters was well represented in Mann’s story; however, the conflicting information presented by Dr. William Bathgate at Talent’s town hall meeting with Pacific Power on May 30 was notably absent.

Dr. Bathgate showed evidence that smart meters have caused fires because they do not contain the needed grounding to withstand a surge from downed power lines. He also revealed that the statistics Pacific Power gives about radio frequency emissions from smart meters are misleading and presented independent studies revealing dangerous health effects from exposure to smart meter EMF radiation. I cannot list all the discrepancies in Mann’s report in the confines of this letter; however, unless I find evidence that the Mail Tribune is committed to reporting all the facts, I will choose to discontinue my subscription.

Lunette Fleming


Name rings true

The name of an organization is usually a reference to what it represents.

Referring to the Bible, Genesis 6:11 — the story of Noah and the flood — reads, “and the earth was filled with ‘violence/lawbreakers’.” The last words being translations of the Hebrew word — “Hamas.”

Enough said.

Robert “Bob” Golding


Oppressed become oppressors

In 1948 came the “official” line defining Israel a refuge for the persecuted Jews. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were driven from their homes, called by the survivors as the Nakba, or ‘catastrophe’.

Recently PBS presented a visit to Gaza, investigating the pathetic condition of the residents suffering under the criminal blockade. The torment of Gaza evoked my tears; power outages, restrictions on food, medical supplies, everything necessary for viable life and survival. The despair of the victims was palpable. Especially heartbreaking were the children and young people with their bleak future. An economy in shambles, poor health and earlier death would likely be their fate.

The unarmed uprising and brutal response, shooting both protesters and clearly marked medics who tended the wounded despite lack of medical supplies for required surgeries. Many of those wounded were likely to die without proper care.

The Gaza uprising is eerily reminiscent of the Jewish ghettos of World War II and the extermination camps. To me the blockaded Gaza seemed like a concentration camp. I mourn daily for the Palestinians, for Israel and my country, which has supported or ignored many of Israel’s past transgressions.

Don Morris


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