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Letters to the Editor, June 29

Take a stand

I am writing regarding smart meters being forced upon us whether we want them or not. The interim fees are unjust and unreasonabe and violate PUC code 451.

Other states — Vermont, Maine, and Arizona — allow customers to opt out at no charge, while California’s PGE and Nevada’s are more reasonable than Oregon’s.

I am a native Oregonian, senior citizen and for the past 30 years this seems to be a “tax and gouge me” state, which saddens me.

Smart meters by definition are surveillance devices which violate federal and state wiretapping laws by recording and storing databases of personal and private activities without the consent of those who are being monitored.

This isn’t taking into consideration health issues and fires, safety and the welfare of users.

We need to stand together as I remember we still live in America, land of the free and home of the brave. Where is our freedom to choose? Go to www.freedom2sayno2smartmeters.org for help and guidance. Let’s take a stand on smart meters.

Georgianne Hanson


America in chaos

What is happening to America? Too many have become mindless cult followers adhering to an unqualified and mentally unstable president who changes his mind on a whim and dictates proclamations on an almost daily basis. Where is morality? Where is reason?

Thanks to Trump, we have become the laughingstock of the world: We no longer have any moral authority and are being viewed as on the wrong side of history, whether it is human rights, climate change, or respect for the truth. Even Putin is probably laughing, seeing what devastation to democracy his backing of Trump has caused.

We have previously seen families broken apart in our history, from enslaved Africans to Native Americans to Japanese. If we follow what this authoritarian, fascist president wishes to do, we will soon be worse than Nazi Germany. We are dangerously close right now.

Write and call your members of Congress and the DOJ. Show up at any opportunity to resist this would-be dictator and his policies. Stand up and speak up — do not be silent, or soon you will be reciting the words of Martin Niemoller, “First they came for ” until no one is left to speak for you.

Candyce Armstrong

Central Point

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