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Letters to the Editor, June 28

No more Democrats

Forty-six years ago, back when I was young and foolish, I voted for a Democrat seeking county office. That was the first and last Democrat for whom I have ever voted. It’s not that the Republicans are that great, but rather that the Democrats are that scary.

I am not a socialist, so I could never be a Democrat. The Democrats’ embrace of the collective suffocates the individual. I am a member of the “herd,” but only to the degree that I can maintain my independence from the “herd.”

The 2016 election was an earthquake. It was the little guy finally standing his ground and demanding, “stop peeing on us and then telling us it’s raining. You don’t see us anymore, you don’t hear us and you don’t seem to care. What part of leave us alone don’t you understand?”

Donald Trump heard us and he understood. He promised to return power to the individual, and he is busting his rear in keeping that promise. Despite all of the obstruction and hatred, President Trump is winning. America is winning. We will never get tired of winning. Make America great again!

Doug Dusenberry

Gold Hill

Where is the outcry?

According to U.S. Deputy Attorney General James Cole in an interview with USA Today in July of 2014, there were about 2.7 million children separated from their parents due to either one or both parents being arrested.

Why didn’t we hear the outcry from those that now are voicing their protests with the current child separation issue at our borders? It seems we value the parents and children of illegal aliens more than our U.S. citizens.

Ken Wilson


It was only a dream

One night upon dozing several months ago, I had beautiful dreams. I saw bright blue skies free of filthy smoke. There were clear, clean rivers and lakes teeming with fish. Happy families enjoying the outdoors in unpolluted surroundings. Our national parks void of oil derricks and open pit mines.

Visions of young children in school soaking up knowledge rather than fearing the possibility of not living past the recess bell. A society that honors the Constitution, rather than using it’s words to justify misdeeds.

Family members sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner, enjoying great time together. Calmly speaking about the wonderful future everyone is looking forward to.

Sights of our elected officials joining together in creating laws benefiting all Americans, not just their deep-pocketed donors. A free press reporting honest, thought-worthy topics. Not opinions based on falsehoods.

These dreams were comforting, giving me hope for a life of endless joy and satisfaction. But alas, I was awoken with the beeping of my alarm clock. The date was Jan. 20, 2017 The time was 9:01 a.m. PST.

That is the moment the nightmares began

T. Alan Gielow

Shady Cove

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