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Letters to the Editor, June 27

Not a Christian nation

Searching the local and national written and social media news last week and through the weekend confirms that the United States is not a Christian nation.

The silence exhibited by all Christian leaders was deafening by their united stillness. A few proclamations, a few statements and no leadership.

Where are the pastors, the evangelical ministers, the bishops, the cardinals individually or together raising their voices “that tearing children away from their parents is not Christian behavior?”

Christian leaders, “Where is your vocal outrage condemning this family genocide?” Children and families being torn apart, destroyed, not knowing if they will ever see each other again.

This behavior is not the religion of Jesus Christ or his disciples. Jesus did not teach this behavior.

Christian leaders, you are failing your flock. All of you.

This is not the country I spent 40 years of my life serving and defending.

Travis A. Wagner

Eagle Point

Solving the opioid crisis

The opioid crisis has been headline news lately, and I wanted to do some research to learn more. Just the statistics alone were shocking, and I needed to share.

Did you know that drug overdose is the number one preventable cause of death in America? Or that 80 percent of people addicted to opioids began their addiction with prescription pain killers? Did you know that pharmaceutical companies across America are dumping these dangerous drugs into our communities, or that over 100 people are going to die today because of their addiction to opioids?

Over 100 people.

Are you angry? Sad? Scared? I know that anyone that has seen this epidemic up close and personal has felt all those things. We have to do better. I am thankful that our nation’s leaders are playing their part in trying to solve this problem.

Our own Rep. Greg Walden is leading the committee that is investigating the companies dumping opioids into Small Town USA. I am thankful for this and call on our leaders to continue this push. We have to make this terrible crisis a thing of the past.

Phyllis Fletcher

Eagle Point

Child abuse

The leader of the Republican Party took vulnerable children out of the arms of their parents and separated them from each other. Now his executive order has no plan for reuniting these fractured families and, in the future, families will be incarcerated together.

Some of these parents were following their legal right to seek asylum; at worst, others may have committed a misdemeanor. Why have Republicans let this man become their party leader? When will Republicans of intelligence, depth and goodwill work together to reclaim the GOP? What are they waiting for — something worse to happen?

Anne Batzer

White City

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