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Letters to the Editor, June 24

Enormous straw man

Entire truckloads of straw must have been delivered to the Mail Tribune offices to allow the construction of the massive straw man edifice publisher Steven Saslow displays in his editorial on guns.

“Staunchly anti-gun crusaders want fulfillment of an America with no weapons whatsoever in the hands of private citizens.”

Really? I suppose there must be such, just as there are a few who believe the earth is flat, but what of the majority, who (like the proposed Oregon initiative) simply believe that the regulatory line between military/police weaponry and private is currently drawn at the wrong location? Will Mr Saslow engage with us, or merely mis-characterize our positions and demonize us?

Steve Soar


Goodbye, and good luck

In a few months I will be 90 years old. I am preparing things to leave this mess.

Your American greed has changed my opinion of the country I loved, served and even killed for.

You have surrendered to the nonsense of this usurper.

You have waved the flag of surrender at the Battle of the Bulge.

The flag no longer flies over Suribachi on the hill at Iwo Jima.

Even our Supreme Court is deadlocked with a corrupt chief justice.

“They” are all sick, sick, sick!

E.N. Scanlin


Treasure hunt

Some people support building a border wall because they support President Trump. Others oppose it because they oppose Trump. Some oppose it because it would be wasteful and ineffective.

An intensive nationwide treasure hunt to find everything that can be found to place blame on the president has found gold. The issue of children separated from parents at the border fills the need.

That is a matter of concern that should have a wider bipartisan immigration-reform solution. Critics offer only Trump condemnation, not a rational answer. They ignore a much larger issue. In their own communities, across the nation, much larger numbers of children are separated from parents because of parents’ crimes, neglect, dysfunctional families and cultural breakdown.

When critics give themselves to help local families and children, then their concern for children far away may be real and non-political.

Ira Edwards


Thanks to Walden

I came to the White City VA approximately one year ago for services, and I want to voice my gratitude to the employees, especially to the ones who go above and beyond! Thank you!

Also, at one point I felt one of the things I was working on was stuck/lost in the huge machine, that is the VA.

I called Chris Vorgang (Congressman Greg Walden’s aide); he made himself available and immediately made some calls. Within a week it was resolved. I can’t prove that his calls did anything, but I believe they did.

I want to express my gratitude to Congressman Greg Walden and his aide Mr. Chris Vorgang!

Ron Baldwin


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