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Letters to the Editor, June 22

No tweets is good news

Thank you for not printing tweets, especially the fake news tweets emanating from the person in charge of the executive branch at the White House. Any reader knows that all they need to do is turn on network news or other internet sources to read them verbatim.

I also appreciate Toles’ cartoons. He brings levity and hearty chuckles to this dark time.

Peggy Leviton


Racial profiling

When we lost our husbands three years ago, I met a lovely woman and her 50-year-old, nonverbal autistic son at the grief support group. We became close friends on our grief journey and remain so.

On our way back to Medford from Eagle Point, I was pulled over by a state trooper, confused because I was driving with the flow of the traffic. As a 62-year-old caucasian woman, I have never had to deal with racial profiling in my life, until yesterday. My widow friend was in the front passenger seat, her son behind her. I saw the officer approach my mini SUV, with his hand on his gun, and stand behind the passenger side window where the autistic black man was sitting. I was forced to turn around, opening the back window to ask why he pulled me over. He slowly walked towards the passenger window saying I was speeding.

It was obvious to me that this white cop had pulled me over because there were black passengers in my car. Shame on that cop and shame on all racists who judge people by their color and not their hearts.

Mary Donnelly

Rogue River

Town hall needed

Last Sunday’s paper carried a half-page paid ad by the American Life Sciences Innovation Council awarding Rep. Greg Walden their Champion of Health Care Innovation Award. This council has a sketchy website that indicates they are heavy with pharmaceutical and medical device people who oppose the Affordable Care Act.

This week we see that the Republican administration and complicit Congress want to remove the preexisting condition requirement (“guaranteed issue”) from the ACA. Walden favors state waivers to charge higher premiums based on health status.

Walden needs to hold a public town hall meeting on health care in Southern Oregon. He needs to address the preexisting condition issue directly and clearly. He also needs to tell voters what he will support if the Republicans manage to repeal the ACA.

Health care is too important to all of us to trust Walden with our health care.

Bill Walsh

Eagle Point

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