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Letters to the Editor, June 21

Why is fee so high?

I have a question for Pacific Power.

I discovered today that the opt-out fee for California customers submitted to the California Public Utilities Commission is a one-time fee of $75, and the monthly meter reading fee is $20, for those who do not want Smart Meters.

If you create an account with Pacific Power, once you are in their website, and search internally for “smart meter opt out” you can pull up the PDF document Pacific Power submitted to the California PUC, entitled “State of California application #17-08-016, Exhibit No. PAC/300, Witness: Melissa S. Nottingham.”

Why is the opt-out fee and monthly meter reading fee for Oregon customers almost twice as much as for California customers?

Nancy Payne


Walden works for donors

Last month, Congressman Greg Walden voted to roll back certain provisions of the Dodd-Frank Bill, which essentially buffers consumer banking from the risks inherent in speculative Wall Street investing. Dodd-Frank was originally passed following the Great Recession to help prevent a recurrence. Fortunately, the legislation Walden voted for (S 2155) had prior “adult supervision” from the Senate and relatively nominal harm was done.

However, that wasn’t the case on June 8, 2017, when Walden voted for a House version (CHOICE Act; HR 10) that would have completely gutted Dodd-Frank. Fortunately, this bill failed. Anyone who experienced the economic strife of 10 years ago should be asking themselves; “what could this man be thinking?” Answer: About his donor class only.

Another Great Recession is not in our best interests, to put it mildly. When are District 2 voters going to exercise an option over Walden? Nov. 6 would work well!

Andrew Kubik


Research smart meters

My father, soon to be 101, living in his home since 1949, just received word that whether he liked it or not he was getting a smart meter from Pacific Power. So what’s he to do? If he opts out he will have to pull from his already stretched fixed income $370 plus to pay to not have it installed and then will be charged extra for a meter reader to come out and do what they are already doing.

In Oregon, there have been no studies to see whether these ‘smart meters’ are harmful or not, whether they are fire safe, electrically safe, or even if they will be technologically safe or not. I am requesting that an Oregon research team do an investigation regarding these meters. Not a team that is financed by Pacific Power, but a team that is independent and unbiased! Then, publish their findings in every paper in Oregon, where these smart meters will be used.

California’s findings shouldn’t apply to Oregon, however damaging; people in Oregon use their utilities differently and should be treated as Oregonians. Write your congress member. Together we have a voice.

Paulette Hendrickson


And all is well

I am so thrilled the POTUS in 45 minutes has made America and Korea totally safe. The same week he was calling the Canadian prime minister a loser and weak, his thoughts on Kim Jung Un were nothing but praise.

Down in Texas on the border children were being separated from their parents. Think of the fear those poor children must feel. Also the cost in dollars.

His constant attacks on the press and the Justice Department. Can you imagine if Obama had his family appointed to the staff like Trump so happily has done? I love America and the people are much stronger and loving than what is being represented at this time in history by the leader of the greatest nation in the world.

Ron Cavalli


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