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Letters to the Editor, June 19

No collusion?

The president and his congressional and media enablers claim there is no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia. They ardently ignore, and assume we don’t know, that both Trump adviser Papadopoulos and Trump Jr. have publicly admitted to or even bragged about attempting collusion with Russians.

Even without that evidence, Trump enablers must explain why Trump is now doing nothing to prevent Russian manipulation of the 2018 elections, and why Trump constantly undermines our historic allies on this continent and in Europe while furthering the goals of despots and dictators around the world.

Whether Trump colluded with Russia or not, it has been publicly acknowledged that members of his campaign did, and we can see him constantly undermining our friends and colluding with our international competitors.

Candidates running under the Republican (now Trumpist) banner should know that they and their party platforms are based on supporting Russian collusion.

Trisha Vigil


Don’t go to the circus

I saw the letter in the May 23 issue, “Group wants ban on painful training,” and I wonder, does anyone ever go to the circus anymore? Don’t we all know what terrible lives these animals have?

We no longer want to applaud the cruelty and pain imposed on wild animals by outdated “circuses.” Wildlife is struggling everywhere, this is one area of suffering that is preventable.

There are many other lucrative acts that could make the fairgrounds (Expo) much more profitable than some sad circus!

Wanda Borland



Corruption is a dirty word and is not partisan. Even here in Oregon we had a governor that was not governing in a proper way and even in Southern Oregon we have had some officials governing in a shady way and even some judges here lack some ethical standards.

Now the White House has taken corruption to a new level beyond what our founders could ever have thought possible. This president is evil on steroids. He does not care about people, rule of law or standards.

The real sad point is just about every Republican supports him, which means people like Greg Walden and Alan DeBoer must be crooked too because they support him.

I propose that every person in public office publish their tax returns and the president publish his for the last 10 years. This may not solve the problem, but it is a start. All of this corruption is costing us money and a chance at a good life!

Bruce Bauer


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