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Letters to the Editor, June 17

RIP C.W. Smith

As a recovering journalist who has worked in a lot of places — including for this newspaper and its sister publication in Ashland — I have known a few really good cops and politicians over the years, and a lot of lousy ones. Former Jackson County Sheriff C.W. Smith was one of the good guys.

I was saddened to hear of his passing. C.W. was a cowboy, of the good kind. He believed in community policing before it became a catchword. He treated his fellow officers, their “customers,” and we in the media with humor and respect. As a county commissioner, he worked hard to represent his (largely conservative) constituents. To the best of my knowledge, he never lied to me, unlike a lot of others in the political realm. I know he was devoted to his disabled son. I remember as a commissioner he kept a beautiful hand-tooled saddle in his office. He’s ridden off into the sunset now, but he’ll be remembered as one of the good ones. RIP C.W. Smith.

John Enders


C.W. rose above

The usual accolades could never accurately portray C.W. Smith. He rose way above them.

His common sense, intelligence, sense of humor, integrity and respect for others singled him out as the kind of person everyone should have the privilege of knowing.

Mary Ann Johnson


Fact vs. fiction

Mary Todd Lincoln to John Wilkes Booth: “It’s an honor to meet you.”

Donald Trump to Kim Jong Un: “It’s an honor to meet you.”

Dan Ginther

Central Point

An unhappy Republican

Under the president’s leadership, children and their parents seeking asylum in the United States are separated. Recent photos of children, literally caged in, broke my heart — especially the two little ones, hugging and crying in a corner. The president blames this travesty, incorrectly, on the Democrats. How long will we allow this crime against all we believe in to continue?

The president praises and honors dictators around the world, plays footsy with Putin, and has alienated our allies. He has legitimized the Korean dictator and has agreed to, in time, pull American troops from South Korea; and will stop war exercises in the area — severely hampering security.

We must hold our president accountable for his ignorance, lack of honor, grace and character — in short, fire him! He has put our country in jeopardy, and we have become the object of scorn and ridicule. Any other CEO would have been let go for just one of the hundreds of offenses that have occurred during this presidency. Why do the Republicans fear this Russian puppet? Do we need to rely on the Democrats to restore order and honor to our country? An unhappy Republican,

Pamela Sasseen


Look at stars instead

Libby Ellis’ letter of June 12 regarding a ban on fireworks is noteworthy.

Why increase the risk of fire and terrorize animals for a few moments of “fun”? Why not go out and look at the stars — totally free and not harmful to our delicate environment.

Linda Barnett


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