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Letters to the Editor, June 16


I want to reply to Carl Worden’s comment in defense of the guy in the White House: “ especially when the man is a Christian trying to do the best job he can.” Worden might be right about him trying to do the best job he can, because he works hard at showing us his intellect and political acumen every day. He has truly lowered the bar.

I do question the “Christian” part, though. The guy is being sued by a porn star, for cripes sake! He is taking children away from their mothers to be locked up where even U.S. senators are not allowed to see them. Adolf Hitler did something like that, and it makes me shudder to think what’s next.

I suspect if I am doomed to that lake of fire for my liberalism, Donny John might just be there, too, for myriad other reasons.

Sheila Whitesitt


Save net neutrality

This past Monday new rules went into effect issued by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai that permit providers to restrict internet use while allowing huge media corporations like Comcast to establish multi-tiered payment systems guaranteeing that users wanting fast connection speeds (5G, for example) will pay premium prices for that speed.

Sadly, Congressman Greg Walden cares so little about his 2nd District internet-starved constituents that he issued a press release last November heaping praise on Ajit Pai, and the then draft FCC rules.

Congress must step in and pass the Congressional Review Act, and save our critical net neutrality protections, vital for our democracy, innovation and free speech. Under Walden’s leadership, only dial-up internet service will be affordable for most rural residents of his remote district.

Walden’s constituents must tell him that his continued support of Ajit Pai will cost him their support next November. More info at: https://act.openmedia.org/InternetFinalBattle.

Ivend Holen


Talent has a market too

The recent article about the farmers markets and the advantages of buying directly from small farmers and crafters failed to mention the Talent market on Friday evenings.

My husband and I have had the pleasure to attend the Talent growers market the last two weeks, had dinner from food trucks, enjoyed the live music, bought fresh fava beans and eggs from Tipsy Bee farms and throughly loved seeing the young families picnicking on the grass. We’re looking forward to going back for more, a great way to spend a Friday evening! Open all summer, 4-8 pm on Fridays.

Judy Barnes


A voting solution

Here is a solution to solve the problem of voter suppression being enacted by some states: require voting to be compulsory, make voter registration automatic at age 18, then levy a substantial fine for failure to vote without a legitimate reason, and allow voting by mail. In this way, real democracy can survive.

Frank Hieber


LNG is wrong

I am Earth. I am suffering, and crying “Help.” I am saddled with filthy air, polluted waters, diminishing arable land and enough plastics in the oceans to cover Rhode Island.

Very unfortunately, the U.S. president cares nothing for my health. He discards scientific data and worships the profits he can raise for the oil, gas and automobile companies and himself. He has dismantled dozens of rules and regulations that were mitigating your abusive actions on me.

You have a chance to slow down this environmental disaster. The Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas project (LNG) is a proposal to build a gas pipeline across Oregon, from Malin to Coos Bay. It would cross numerous rivers and streams. Using this pipeline would increase the use of my fossil fuels, thus increasing the air pollution. That is exactly the opposite of what I need and want.

To you people and companies pushing the LNG, including JP Morgan Chase Bank, please put aside your desire for monetary gain. For my benefit and your grandchildren’s, do the right thing.

Ben Benjamin


Who’s the narcissistic bully?

Surely plenty of them to go around, but I am thinking about one such narcissistic bully in particular. Can anybody guess?

Obviously he has other fine qualities, only, I have yet to know of any ... Perhaps his wife can set him on the right track before she works with children bullying. He sets the example for America...., or does he?

Jeff Kassman

Central Point

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