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Letters to the Editor, June 15

Party of Lincoln no longer

I have always been a patriot and a conservative. I’ve voted Republican most of my life. I believe a balanced budget is necessary for the long-term success and security of this nation. As a veteran, I believe we need a strong military as a means of deterring aggression that could lead to war. But I also believe that every citizen should have equal access to health care, not just those that are fortunate enough to afford insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, the Party of Lincoln has become a shadow of its former self. It no longer represents true American values. It supports and sustains a person that lacks the character and qualifications to be our president.

Trump is everything his base wants him to be. Immoral, disrespectful, arrogant and narcissistic. He has the emotional makeup of a 7-year-old and proves it with every tweet he sends. I am embarrassed by him.

Dirk Watson


Thanks for support

We want to thank the community for supporting the first annual Medford Open Studio Tour. It is nice to know so many people are interested in the arts. Look for us next year on the same weekend.

Violet Burton


Disrespect unacceptable

There are proper ways to show your concern with things in this great land, but showing disrespect for our national anthem or our flag (and, in my mind, the Pledge of Allegiance also) is not one of them and is totally unacceptable conduct for any American.

Such disrespect shows a lack of understanding of the words in our anthem (and the pledge) or how they connect. These people use all sorts of rationale to justify their actions (or lack thereof), including comparing respect for our anthem to the violating of the Ten Commandments. Perhaps these people should actually read the words in our anthem and the pledge to see what I mean. This lack of understanding makes these people feel that it’s OK not to stand for the anthem.

I wonder how they feel about standing in respect for our flag? Showing disrespect for the anthem is no less than showing disrespect for the flag. For over 22 years I stood proudly for my anthem and my flag and rendered a hand salute, as have thousands of others. Ask any of those who have stood by flag-draped coffins and listened to “Taps” how they feel about respect. Duty, honor, country.

Murray La Hue


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