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Letters to the Editor, June 14

Angered and ashamed

I was angered, disgusted and ashamed to see Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the news the other night smirking and saying that if those south of the border who are seeking asylum want to come to the U.S., then they must leave their children behind; if they bring their children, they will be separated from them.

Now, as I sit down to write this letter, I wonder: if these immigrants were white, would we have instigated this policy? I am reminded of pictures I’ve seen of Africans being sold in the U.S., children torn from their mothers’ arms. This is a glaring reality, a part of this situation that can’t be ignored.

I am heartened that so many Americans find Trump’s new immigration policies abhorrent and are beginning to insist that they stop, and I urge Mail Tribune readers to call the Justice Department comment line at 202-353-1555 and tell Attorney General Jeff Sessions to keep families together. We have needed to reform our immigration policies for many years to make them less bureaucratic and more functional. Threatening asylum-seekers and traumatizing children and their parents has nothing at all to do with “reform.”

Linda Jacobs


Opioid crisis

Opioid manufacturers overstated benefits and downplayed the risks of the drugs, and turned a blind eye to the suspiciously enormous orders of the drugs by providers. When the tale of this crisis is written, it will be a tale of corporate malfeasance, professional greed, political apathy, and regulatory failure. The crisis was both avoidable and preventable.

Politicians play a part in the prolongation of this epidemic. As of May 21, our Oregon representatives and senators in Washington have received the following support, since 2017, from pharmaceutical companies:


Greg Walden (R) $336,700

Kurt Schrader (D) $82,500

Suzanne Bonamici (D) $10,551

Earl Blumenauer (D) $4,810

Peter DeFazio (D) 0


Ron Wyden (D) $41,349

Jeff Merkeley (D) 0

Rep. Walden speaks often about the opioid crisis, and yet receives the most Pharma financial support of any congressperson in the U.S. Big Pharma is profiting both from the sale of opioids and the overdose treatments. Sales of Naloxone grew from $21.3 million in 2011 to $274.1 million in 2016. Only six companies manufacture Naloxone, limiting competition, leading to dramatic price increases.

We must address the current practice of putting profit ahead of the well-being of all people in our country.

Susan D. Elsom


Beyond the pale

I find the Washington Post cartoon by Toles that the Mail Tribune prints on its editorial page beyond the pale. Please consider for a moment your gut reaction if our current president’s caricature was replaced with Obama’s or Hillary’s.

Please consider a “trigger warning” on your front page the days a Toles cartoon is printed in your editorial section. I would like to remove that section of my paper those days so as to avoid bringing Toles’ vitriol into our “safe space”.

Barbara Tice


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