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Letters to the Editor, June 11

Why was Amery not kept on?

I’d like to add a footnote to Saladin Amery’s Sunday guest opinion piece, “City of Ashland needs a better financial plan.”

The Ashland City Council didn’t reappoint Amery to the Citizens’ Budget Committee after he had only served for seven months despite his willingness to serve another term. This was someone who had been president of Bank of America Securities Japan, had over 25 years of financial services experience and a better grasp of the financial challenges facing Ashland than most others in our community. Perhaps he asked too many questions about accountability or the irresponsible spending trends advocated by our mayor and City Council? That he was not reinstated says everything about what’s really going on in Ashland.

Shaun Moran, Ashland Citizens’ Budget Committee member



I like to think I appreciate art as much as the next person, but I am sorry, I don’t understand how all the combined brain trust of Ashland came up with “Threshold” for an art piece to exemplify Ashland.

First we started with “the flying doughnut.” Now we have a bunch of stylized, bent, bicycle wheels on poles. Seems like we could have could have done a nice metal and stone sculpture that would have evoked the natural resources and beauty of our region.

I suppose I can’t complain much as I missed the public input meetings. Yet is this seems more like a case of “the emperor has no clothes.”

Chris Adams


Thanks to conservatives

Finally, after waiting decades for the sociopolitical possibilities of Joseph McCarthy, George Wallace, Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove and others of such ilk, the right wing now has in place those that represent the mean-spirited, selfish dictatorial style of government that they’ve long been praying for.

I’ve often wondered why conservatives gravitate toward a one-party governing system, being that any other party is, quote, “the enemy,” and historical facts always lead to the same conclusion. Dictatorships, being a far-right political position, are so much more efficient than our difficult and sometimes cumbersome two-party American democracy. Decent people realize that having respect for others and the ability to compromise does take a bit of work. Evidently it’s not worth the trouble for some.

So, again, thanks and congratulations.

Steve Sutfin


Liberals bearing false witness

Liberals are not Christian when they support everything God hates, like abortion and gay rights. That’s a given.

It’s fine to disagree with opinion and policy, but when liberals bear false witness against others, accusing them of something they didn’t do or say, you are in danger of the Lake of Fire if you die unrepentant, and God knows who you are. He will not hear your plea.

Falsely accusing an elected official is no different that falsely accusing your neighbor. There is no exception under the Laws of God.

Letters accusing our president of being an intentional liar, being racist, etc., especially when that man is a Christian trying to do the best job he can are inexcusable and unacceptable. Liberals have chosen lies as a political tool, but God sees no difference, and try as you might, you cannot disbelieve God away.

The same applies to the editor of this newspaper. Publishing articles that are fake news about another is no different.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Carl F. Worden

Eagle Point

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