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Letters to the Editor, June 10

Remaining seated

I’m no football fan. But this controversy about where people stand, or kneel, on the issue of the national anthem makes me want to attend a game just to express my position, which will be to remain seated.

The first three of the Ten Commandments are no other gods, no graven images, and no bowing before them. Violations are idolatry.

I pledge my allegiance to God, who blessed me to be born in this great country. But I will not stand for the hypocrisy and lies spewing daily from Donald Trump and his administration.

Trump disingenuously derides kneeling NFL players as disrespectful. What is disrespectful is treating the national anthem as a kitsch pop solo. Disrespectful is Roseanne Barr screaming it. Disrespectful is using it as a political tool to divide the country.

Why even play the national anthem at sporting events? Eliminate it, and this controversy with it. But that’s as likely to happen as everyone learning the words of this war hymn we allegedly revere.

Meanwhile, I will defend kneeling protests, but my own protest will be to remain seated to exercise my freedom of speech and religion not to worship this latest American Idol.

Kimberly Gilworth


Don’t sign petition

Kevin Stine is proposing that the number of Jackson County commissioners be increased from three to five. It is estimated that the total cost for commissioner salaries, fringe benefits, office costs and administrative services could be $300,000 to $400,000 per commissioner.

Nothing is contained in Stine’s proposal that the commissioner’s salaries and costs be reduced.

This means, then, that such a proposal could cost the taxpayers an additional $600,000 to $800,000 per year.

Jackson County taxpayers do not need this additional expense. It is submitted that you not sign the petition.

William A. Mansfield


Senior projects great

“Trying to make an impact” on the front page of the Monday, June 4 edition of the Mail Tribune was a great article regarding the senior projects. Credit should also be given to the jazz band that entertained the public’ the culinary departments that provided amazing and highly professional foods’ the well-dressed seniors with their gracious manners toward the judges and the hard work and dedication of all the members of the graduating classes who presented projects at both North and South Medford high schools.

Mary Bertrand


Bordering on insanity

I see the Mueller investigation has spent $18 million of your hard-earned money. In over a year now they have found absolutely nothing they can use to impeach Trump, but they continue to try. Most of the $18 million is salaries, I assume, so they are not going to get off the gravy train any time soon. The liberal left hatred of Trump is now bordering on insanity.

Here is a guy that has revived the economy, with the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. Cut taxes and put more money in the paychecks of workers. Has brought America back to relevancy on the world stage. Has brought three hostages home from North Korea and is on the verge of brokering a nuclear disarmament with North Korea. Not bad for a year and a half.

Yes, the import tariffs will hurt short-term, but Trump is trying to force new agreements that will be better for the USA in the long run. Sometimes you have to look beyond your nose to accomplish goals.

So, if you are still anti-Trump it is clear you are anti-American success and prefer the stagnation of the Obama years.

Neil Whiteford

Central Point

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