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Letters to the Editor, June 1


ABC made the right call to cancel “Roseanne.”

Racism is real, and it has gotten worse in our country since Nov. 8, 2016. In our own valley, where the Ku Klux Klan was politically influential in times past, we’ve seen recent news reports on the recruitment of new members.

It’s time to draw a line in the sand and say, “Enough.” That is what ABC has done with Roseanne Barr. That is what you and I should also do.


David Sours


Angels in disguise

We were at Siskiyou Cemetery to put flowers on my elderly husband’s parent’s grave. I went to get water for the flowers and on the way back to the grave, I fell.

Three angelic people immediately stopped, picked me up, went back for water, as I spilled it all when I fell. They then helped us both up to the grave site, and arranged the flowers, helped us back to our car, and made sure that we were safely on our way!

Their names were Jay, Darlene and Donna. We are so grateful to them. They were so tender and kind! Real angels in disguise!

Mary and Rodney Hall

Central Point

Article II being ignored

Article II of our Constitution says that the president of this country must receive the“advice and consent of the Senate” to hire and fire federal officers, and to make and break treaties with other countries.

Consent means permission. President Trump, as all presidents, is required to get permission from the Senate to do these things. In fact, these powers were to be exclusively the Senate’s powers until they added the president to these responsibilities just 10 days before the Constitutional convention.

The Republican-controlled Senate is ignoring its duty to keep this reckless and clueless president in check, and is now responsible for this president’s dangerous and destructive actions.

Darryl Edington


Turn back to God

Our hearts go out to the families of the ones killed or wounded in the recent school shooting in Texas. These needless tragedies are happening too often. Something needs to be done to put a stop to them.

The perpetrators use cars, vans. large trucks, nails and screws, knives and of course guns to do their dirty work. Hollywood plays a large part in these disasters, in that they make games and movies that glorify killing and maiming.

We seem to put the blame in the wrong place when we say it is the guns that are at fault. No one wants to ban cars or other vehicles involved in massive deaths. Let’s put the blame where it truly belongs — people who are very evil who have no motive other than to kill as many as they can and as fast as possible. People kill people, they may use the above mentioned items but it’s people who are responsible, not the guns.

The “Shadow government” and the “Deep State” would love to see gun confiscation. If that were ever to happen, then only the criminals would have guns. It seems as though we need to turn back to God.

Gordon DeVos


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