Letters to the editor: July 6

Council’s bad decision

What is the Medford City Council thinking by approving marijuana grows in attached or previously built detached garages? Garages are meant to be used as garages; you know, to store a car or cars, or any of the other stuff people need or like to keep.

Where is all that stuff going to go? I know, the car or cars will be on the street and in front of neighbors’ properties, as well as stuff accumulating on the sides and the front of houses (or in them). As well, if they can grow in previously built garages and their houses, what’s stopping them from turning their existing attached garage into a living space, then a grow space??

This decision is a bad one and should be withdrawn.

L. Borum

Central Point

Walker’s legacy of support

Thank you to the Board of Directors representing the Reed and Carolee Walker Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation for approving Rogue Community Health’s grant request to support student oral health screenings and sealants as well as behavioral and mental health therapy services in the Eagle Point, Butte Falls and Prospect school districts. This support has made possible access to services for as many as 35,000 children since our first request 15 years ago.

Also in this grant cycle, we received a grant award to support medication assistance for people with financial barriers and in urgent need of life-saving prescription medications. On behalf of all those who benefit from the generous legacy of support left by Reed and Carolee Walker, thank you.

William North, CEO

Rogue Community Health

The question endures

“Have you left no sense of decency?”

— Sen. Joseph Nye, 1954 during the McCarthy hearings

Besides the obvious immigration debacle and continued lies, our fearless leader tells the crowd and television viewers: “I want to punch him (a certain person) in the face!”

And now: “If Harley Davidson moves, they will be paying taxes like never before!”

Spoken like a king! Remember the “shole countries.”

It used to be: “Noblesse oblige.”

Are these the values of the conservatives and the Christian base?

The First Lady really does not care! Do U?

“At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

H Seeman


A bargaining tool

The judge who ruled last week that the more than 2,000 immigrant children being held in the U.S. must be reunited with parents in 30 days is right. The Trump Administration’s zero-tolerance policy that separated children from their parents was wrong. This cruel injustice must be fixed as quickly as possible.

I cried when I heard the recording of the little girl held by U.S. officials who spoke by phone with her now-deported father in El Salvador and begged her daddy to come and get her. That poor father is emblematic of the many other parents who don’t even know where U.S. authorities are holding their children, and are powerless to reunite with their kids.

If U.S. officials fail to return these children to their parents quickly, I will suspect that “art of the deal” President Trump is using these children as a bargaining tool to extort lawmakers into passing legislation to finance the “great big beautiful boarder wall” that he wants.

Donna Breedlove


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