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Letters to the Editor, July 27

Where is Walden?

With all the outrage over President Trump’s despicable comments in Helsinki, I am most concerned that we have not seen our local congressman, Representative Greg Walden, here in Jackson County.

There are a lot of questions that need to be addressed about the current administration and its policies, but unfortunately our representative has not held a town hall meeting in Jackson County since April 2017. Jackson County represents over 25 percent of the voters in his district. His constituents want to pose questions to him about many of the issues of the day that directly impact Oregon District 2. And we want to speak with him before the mid-term elections so we can make informed decisions when voting in November 2018.

I encourage Rep. Greg Walden to hold a town hall meeting and hear his constituents’ concerns before the November 2018 mid-term elections.

Frann Wolfe


A Congress that does something

Our current health care is returning to being only affordable for the rich. The federal subsidies to our insurance plans for high-risk coverage were recently frozen.

Young, healthy people no longer have to buy health plans, so emergency room care for them will once again bankrupt our small and rural hospitals. And once again it is legal to sell rip-off health insurance that is cheap but covers hardly anything. The insurance companies have warned that these actions will greatly increase the costs for the rest of us.

Zip is being done nationally to fight opiate addiction. Walden won’t eliminate the current ban preventing Medicare and Medicaid from negotiating prices with drug companies, including the great increases in prices for drugs that have been sold for years at far cheaper.

We need to return to a Congress that actually does something. Jamie McLeod-Skinner advocates for better health care.

Margery Winter


Why Kavanaugh?

Any of the justices on the short list for the Supreme Court fell firmly in the conservative camp on abortion, unions, immigration, guns, environment, voting rights, civil rights. But Trump chose to nominate Kavanaugh. Why?

Because Kavanaugh is the only one who clearly opined that a sitting president cannot be indicted. Trump wanted a safety net, and apparently the GOP is anxious to give him one to save their own hides. Never mind that a liar, crook and traitor is just that no matter what office he holds.

After detailed evidence of Russian meddling in our elections, Trump’s appalling deference to Putin following a private two hour meeting — no notes, no recordings — is tantamount to admission that he is in Putin’s pocket for whatever reason.

Republicans can voice dismay all they want, but unless they take action, they are complicit in this betrayal of our democracy. Things they can do: reject Kavanaugh and look to another nominee; provide emergency resources to secure our elections; enact legislation to protect the special counsel’s probe into Russian meddling; enact legislation to safeguard our alliance with NATO; enact legislation to require a president to disclose his tax returns (what’s he hiding?).

Betsy Shanafelt


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