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Letters to the Editor, July 22

Make America great

Make America Great Again — be best buds with Putin?

Mary Jo Follett


Shame on Trump

Every American that has ever died fighting against communism anywhere in the world was completely disrespected Monday by the weak and humiliating performance of the president in Helsinki.

That Trump’s ego is so fragile regarding the legitimacy of his presidency that the safety and security of the people he is supposed to be leading is secondary is breathtaking, and frightening in the extreme. The “Evil Empire” was not our friend, and neither is the murderous and corrupt Vladimir Putin. I can only hope the ghost of Ronald Reagan visits the current president and explains to him how a Republican leader should behave, because clearly McConnell, Ryan and the current GOP “leadership” cannot.

Randy Pritchett Behymer

Grants Pass

The reason for hissy fits

For many months now, the Mail Tribune has published letters for which the sole apparent purpose is to register, in print, vile names aimed at Mr. Trump. A short and incomplete list would include liar, Nazi, Hitler, psychopath, traitor,and fascist.

Except for the childish name-calling, most of the letters are inarticulate. The few that are not make no attempt to offer proof that Mr. Trump is any of these things, and they offer no specific criticism of his policies and accomplishments. At the top of the haters list, like icing on a stale cake, are of course the clumsy offerings of the Washington Post cartoonist, which the editors of the MT unaccountably choose to print on an almost daily basis. What ever happened to cartoonists whose work was not only artistic, but genuinely witty?

I’m guessing that the reason for these hissy-fits is the writers’ ongoing disappointment with the defeat of the strangely unindicted Hillary Clinton. And now we hear she is considering, unbelievably, yet another run for the presidency. Surely the Democrats can do better! But please, neither Bernie nor the fake Indian.

C.S. Chase


Walden running scared

Greg Walden grabbed headlines convincing Trump to pardon Steve and Dwight Hammond, but it’s Jamie McLeod-Skinner the Hammonds have to thank for their freedom.

For 20 years Walden has gotten a free pass from his district, facing no real opposition. But those days are over. Despite a crowded field of strong candidates, Jamie McLeod-Skinner won her primary and will face down Walden Nov. 6.

No one, in years past, could have imagined Walden supporting convicted arsonists and alleged child abusers like the Hammonds. But having abandoned the working people of his district, Walden must now scour the fringes for votes.

With McLeod-Skinner in the race, Walden is running scared. Helping the Hamnmonds with their pardon may have earned Walden a few votes in Harney County, but it’s going to cost him his job come November.

Richard Boucher


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