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Letters to the Editor, July 13

Mourning on the Fourth

I mourn for the nation we once were. I don’t recognize what we’ve become. Forty percent seem OK with inflicting permanent psychological harm on innocents, ripping them from their mothers and fathers, secreting them in cages or vacant Walmarts and denying them even the small comfort of hugging one another.

We’ve heard ICE coldly mock their wails as “an orchestra needing only a conductor.” What monster taunts toddlers in anguish? What president touts this as “leverage”? What Congress meekly acquiesces in crimes against humanity?

This is unforgivably wrong. We are not Nazis. But we are gripped by a party so radicalized that it is pushing us swiftly in that direction.

I also mourn for the Mail Tribune. I gave 12 years to that paper as a reporter. It was always conservative, but honestly so. We were not then a mouthpiece for demagogues like Marc Thiessen and Jay Ambrose, hatefully fanning the flames of destruction. Editor Gary Nelson may differ on whether these men are also liars, but these are not “po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe” issues. These are the times that try true patriots’ souls. None should remain passive. With regrets, I’ve cancelled my subscription.

Alberto Enriquez


Walden’s award from big pharma

Lest anyone be deceived by Rep. Greg Walden’s half-page ad extolling his “champion” status for Medicare access, you should know that his “award” was from a group mostly funded by the drug industry. The Alliance for Patient Access gets its money from “26 pharmaceutical companies” and a couple of drug industry research organizations.

Walden got his award from this group because he helps them “oppose even modest measures to limit spending on expensive drugs with marginal benefits, pushing up costs for everyone” Walden is indeed a champion of the health care industry at the expense of consumers. He is their congressman, not ours. (quotations from Mary Jaklevic, “Nonprofit Alliance for Patient Access Uses Journalists and Politicians to Push Big Pharma’s Agenda,” Oct. 2, 2017, www.healthnewsreview.org.)

Timothy E. Cate


You support immigrants

I wonder why there are so many wacked-out people in the Democratic Party who are haters of President Trump and love illegal immigrants.

If they want immigrants in the country they should have as many as they want, as long as they pay for it, not the American taxpayer. Bring them in but they stay at your home, you support them, provide transportation, housing, food, you want it, you pay for it. I believe not one immigrant lover will put their money where their big mouths are, not 1 cent.

I am not responsible for kids being separated from their parents, the parents are, parents who have no respect for American law, parents who are criminals, parents who know they are going to detention and do not care what happens to kids they endanger, not President Trump.

The American taxpayer is footing the bill for all this, while American children sleep in cars and camps and eat in soup kitchens.

Immigration policy should be set by Native Americans, it is their country and immigrant lovers have no right to give it away. Who cares about Native American children, the real Americans?

Alan Cooke


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