Letters to the Editor, Feb. 26

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 26

Citizen's Academy valuable

I am currently enrolled in the Jackson County Citizen’s Academy, and I strongly recommend this outstanding event to fellow residents.

It is a 13-week program (meeting one night per week and one Saturday), that gives ordinary citizens a taste of what our sheriff, Nathan Sickler, and our deputies go through on a daily basis.

The academy educates, informs and provides an up close and personal experience with Jackson County law enforcement. The focus is on its organization, the scope of its responsibilities, its manpower, and the use thereof.

I urge you to apply for this fascinating, dynamic and truly eye-opening opportunity, and to participate in the next scheduled Citizen’s Academy!

Undoubtedly, it will, and indeed, it does foster a deep appreciation, and a greater respect for those in uniforms who serve us 24/7, 365 days a year, by putting their lives on the line.

May the good Lord bless them, and keep them safe! Amen!

For further information, please contact the Sheriff’s Office, or go online, https://jacksoncountyor.org/sheriff/Services/Citizens-Academy.

Jacqueline S. Glynn


Support energy bill

Many of our state legislators are working in Salem right now for better air quality, better public health, and more Oregonian jobs by sponsoring SB 1507, known as the Clean Energy and Jobs Bill.

This is good legislation that puts a cap on greenhouse gas emissions and charges a fee to about 100 of Oregon’s biggest emitters to cover their greenhouse gas pollution. The revenue generated by this cap will be invested in Oregon communities for weatherizing homes, jobs retraining and better transportation.

Fossil fuel CEOs want to crush this legislation and delay our changeover to green energy. They’re funneling large sums of money to front groups to cover the media with deceptive information about SB 1507 and create fear about terrible outcomes that aren’t going to happen.

Nine states in the east including Massachusetts, Maine and New York have been capping local greenhouse gas pollution since 2009 without causing job losses, price hikes or loss of business. Additionally, the states are coming out ahead in revenue, especially those that concentrate on weatherization of buildings. Our neighbor, California, is set to expand its cap-and-invest policy.

Let state legislators know if you support the Clean Energy and Jobs Bill.

Vicki Simpson


Guns destroy children

Years ago I taught a special education class in a rural high school here in Oregon. Many students in the classroom were diagnosed as being severely emotionally disturbed.

One severely emotionally disturbed student I taught in the special ed class had mood swings. His nickname was "Stormy."

"Stormy" was in high school when he turned 18 and, having saved a considerable amount of money over the years, was able to buy an AR-15!

In contrast, in Japan, for a civilian to have a gun takes an eight-hour course, a high score on the shooting range and a psychological test. Do you ever hear about mass school shootings in Canada or Australia? They have strict gun laws.

There will be no discussion about gun control here in the USA, as the corporations such as the gun industry and special interest groups have bought our politicians.

American does have a mental health issue: Allowing anyone to buy an assault rifle with 30-round magazines without having stringent safeguards and restraints is just insanity.

Guns don't kill people, they just destroy school children and loving families.

Mike Miles


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