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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 8

Why they hate Trump

Have you ever wondered why President Trump is hated by the news media, the leaders of the FBI, the CIA, the DOJ and many others in high places (the elites)?

They hate him mostly for one reason: Trump wants us (our nation) to remain a sovereign nation under God and ruled by the Constitution. They, the ones mentioned above, want our nation to be part of the New World Order, better known in Europe as globalism.

Those who have thought this out know that belonging to such a group would not be a good idea. But it does not matter what either group thinks or desires, there will be a one-world government and it will not be a good thing if we believe what the 13th chapter of the book of Revelation says. All it will take now, is for the dollar to crash ($21 trillion in debt) and the economy of the world will also crash, giving the elites their wish. Pray for our nation.

Gordon DeVos


The rally mentality

On the pretext of stumping for other Republicans, Trump is using our dime to incite frenzy among his followers. He is strutting around, spouting lies and dangerous nonsense to crowds that, unfortunately, contain some children. “Tell a lie, make it big, keep repeating it” — Adolf Hitler’s advice and somehow, it’s still working. People are being turned into an ugly mob by an empty suit.

Maybe someday they will look back and think, “OMG, what was I thinking?” Hopefully, in the interim, no one guarding some public place will be killed because some conspiracy theorist comes completely unglued. Or a fan decides to “take care” of an “enemy of the people,” also known as the free press.

Jean Strong


Support energy sanity

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is on board, as are House and Senate leaders. A Joint House/Senate committee is developing legislation for the 2019 session to address statewide climate pollution.

Many representatives support the Clean Energy Jobs Bill, but we don’t know whether the others will show up in 2019 to continue sane efforts to address global warming, the major factor stimulating high wildfire risk.

Our responsibility is to speak for our children, and for the environment, for clean water and clean air and to the dangers of a continued reliance on fossil fuel until all our representatives understand that business as usual is not an option. We need to end the fossil fuel era.

Please tell representatives and candidates how important clean energy is to you, your children and our planet. The 2019 legislative session starts in February 2019. Please support the campaign for energy sanity and candidates who endorse it.

Sidney T. Brown


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