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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 5

Let’s have a discussion

After reading two more guest opinions from various sources over the past few weeks, as well as recent letters to the editor regarding forest management and fires, it is pretty clear that we don’t have a mechanism for an open discussion of the science on this issue.

I implore writers to include the sources of information in future opinion pieces and letters (e.g. references or links) that support their points regarding fire science, impacts of fire (both good and bad) and smoke, and the potential need for intensive management of the vast amount of forest land in the western United States. That way we can remove the “us vs. them” aspect (i.e. conservation vs. profit from logging) from the discussion, examine the relevant facts, and begin to better understand the problem and how to solve it.

Letters and opinions are useful, but can also serve to obfuscate the layers of complexity involved with any science-based issue, especially when we are sitting in a sea of smoke. Please, let’s have an informed discussion on this. Perhaps the Mail Tribune could assist in that endeavor?

Gary Curtis


Voting for McLeod-Skinner

Last week I read Congress approved $716 billion for defense, including authorizing Trump’s $12 million military parade. We don’t need to defend ourselves from an outer enemy; we are destroying ourselves, contaminating air and water, over-fishing streams and oceans, under-educating youth, uninsuring our citizens, driving refugees from our borders and blaming people we label as them for our problems.

Like many others, I’ve had enough of Trump’s fear- and war-mongering. So I’m voting for Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Congress. Jamie’s platform is life-affirming, for all people in our country and for our planet. She plans to move forward, find common ground, implement solutions to difficulties we all face.

Her motivating energy is solution-driven, not fear-based. She’s a positive force in disturbing times, saying “Hopelessness is not an option.” She joins many such voices, running to replace the outdated, complacent “old boy network.” I’ll put my shoulder to the wheel with them.

Linda Jacobs


Support these candidates

To folks who believe that human-caused climate change is real: You know how dire the situation is and how crucial it is to start taking steps to reverse the greenhouse effect.

Since Trump is making the problem worse, we must do everything we can at the local and state level to reduce the problem. We must elect candidates who will make reducing greenhouse gas emissions a priority.

These candidates have pledged to do that: Jeff Golden for state Senate, Pam Marsh and Michelle Blum Atkinson for state House and Dr. Lanita Witt and Amy Thuren for county commissioner.

Each has been briefed by SOCAN. Golden, Marsh and Atkinson will work to pass the Clean Energy Jobs Bill in the state Legislature, while Witt and Thuren will work on creative ways to reduce emissions in our county. Please find their websites, sign up to work for their campaigns, donate and vote.

Allen Hallmark


Tigers, not Tornado

Bill Miller — wonderful piece about Hubert Santo and the Santo Center. He was a true World War II hero. However, a correction must be made.

Santo did not play for the Black Tornado in 1941. He played for the Medford High Tigers.

The Black Tornado name was not formally adopted until about 1948. There is also information that Medford was called Pear Pickers before Tigers.

Chuck Jones


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