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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 21

Don’t worship the grape

I say Amen to Carla Fracchia Jamison (“Your View,” Aug. 14). I was born in the Napa Valley, and lived there for 35 years. I left in 1965.

In 1965, there were dairies, nut and plum orchards, and lovely oak tree open spaces. Now, the entire valley is carpeted with vineyards and tourists.

Today, there is a traffic jam every evening as the winery and store employees leave to begin a 30- to 50-mile commute to go where they can afford to live.

Love the grape, but don’t worship it — it can grow like a weed!

Leo Bardes


Hanging a carrot

It seems the Democrats are hanging a carrot out in front of voters promising free this, free that and also open borders and abolishing ICE.

Open borders — we’d be the first sovereign nation without borders that I know of. Truckloads of drugs will come pouring in along with guns to protect the drugs. Cartels will set up in our sanctuary cities, which will become killing grounds like the Mexican border towns are. All kinds of criminals will come pouring in, crime will skyrocket, our police will be overwhelmed!

Freebies — folks, nothing is free, stop and think about it, how can anything be free? The freedoms you enjoy here in American didn’t come free, a lot of people died so you can enjoy these freedoms! Let the government pay for it, you say. Folks, the government can’t give anybody anything it doesn’t take from someone else first, the taxpayer! Socialism has never worked anywhere. Martgaret Thatcher, former prime minister of Great Britain, said it best: “Socialism works great until the other person runs out of money!” Venezuela, prime example of socialism! Wake up America!

Rodney Rogers

Rogue River

Bribery won’t work

I read in the Mail Tribune that Jordan Cove, the company behind the proposed Pacific Connector Pipeline and Jordan Cove LNG export terminal, has provided grants to local charities. Do they really believe that we can be bought off for 30 pieces of silver — oops, I mean $11,000 in corporate bribery?

Don’t get me wrong. All of the recipients are worthy of our support. I am a community volunteer, but the pipeline is a bad deal for Southern Oregon.

I live in Shady Cove. The pipeline would take land from my neighbors by eminent domain, increase our risk of forest fire, and put our rivers, our lakes, our drinking water and our health at risk. It would harm our local economy and destroy jobs in fishing and tourism on the Rogue River. Why? For the corporate greed of a Canadian company shipping their gas overseas.

So, what do we get? A few temporary jobs, filled by out-of-state people who are skilled at installing pipelines. I am grateful that the city of Shady Cove and Jackson County commissioners oppose this project. I ask Gov. Kate Brown and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality to stop this travesty of a project now!

Joyce Puccini Chapman

Shady Cove

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