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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 15

Please help us

It is so unbelievable that we hear so many claims of fake news. The news is using repeats of tweets that are posted our president.

The real Trump is the person on the platform with the leaders of other countries backing out of long-standing alliances. Is he fake standing there? Do you realize how often he says untrue or misleading statements? It was 4,229 in 58 days in office and escalating daily.

These statements have to be retracted or fluffed over by Sarah Sanders, his advisers and Trump himself. More fake news is coming from our leader than the news reporters trying to keep up. You do know Trump is calling the mainstream media an enemy of the USA.

It is very sad that so many Americans have lost faith in the freedom of information provided by the First Amendment. Are we slowly becoming a dictatorship where the only information believed is controlled by our leader?

May the Lord please help us.

Lillian Hackmann


Local weather

Is anybody else kinda amazed at our local weather people on 10 and 12? Most of the weather reporters cannot get through a forecast without stuttering! And, must be a requirement to always say “as well!”

C. Paulsen


Incompetence or nepotism?

Last month Ryan Bounds, the judicial nominee Rep. Greg Walden recommended for a lifetime appointment on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals was withdrawn due to his history of contentious writings about diverse groups of people. In fact, this nomination was so imperiled it was Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who pulled Bounds from consideration. The significance of this event cannot be understated. The 9th Circuit is one step away from the Supreme Court.

Amongst his numerous vile writings, Bounds once compared the activism of multicultural and racial groups to “Nazi book burning” and described such activism as “feel-good ethnic hoedowns.” Since all Bounds’ statements are available to anyone who cares to look, was this nomination a product of Walden’s incompetence or was it nepotism? Ryan Bounds’ sister is Greg Walden’s chief of staff.

After 20 years of this, let’s elect a representative for all people in Oregon District 2.

Kristin Moline


Pay attention

If you must publish amateur photos instead of news content, how about some basic editing, maybe even some value-added information?

The all timer was last week when you published a photo of a pronghorn antelope with the title, “Bull moose in Grand Teton National Park.” I can either assume that no one on the staff is paying attention or they have a serious deficit in natural science. In either case, I don’t think it adds to the professional image the paper likely seeks. I wonder how many readers now think a pronghorn is a moose?

Terry Swain


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