Letters to the Editor, April 9

Larry Cooper


Think about it

Renowned scientist Carl Sagan was famous for arguing: “Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge”. He also noted that Americans were losing their ability to think critically and were sinking back into superstition and darkness. He felt that our media were the prime reason for this dumbing down. I agree, and it has gotten worse as sound bites and media punditry have proliferated, while nuanced thought and critical thinking seem to be going the way of the dodo bird.

Thus, it is refreshing to learn that we have a great opportunity in our little corner of the world to hear political wannabes actually talk about science and discuss the environmental challenges that we face now and in the future. Will they have innovative ideas or will they wallow in the past? Can we elect a politician who thinks like a scientist? Maybe the time has come.

The upcoming all-party forum on environmental challenges for candidates running for State Senate District 3 is organized by Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN), and is co-sponsored by eleven other local nonprofits. Join us in the Medford Public Library on Wednesday, April 11 at 7 p.m.

Lee Lull


Control your kids

You know all these school kids and parents protesting against guns need to realize it is not the guns. Most of the school shootings are their own kids killing kids.

I do agree with making the government (police and FBI) follow-through when they get reports and act instead of just letting it go — I also agree no bump stocks and to do a better or more intense gun buying check. If you compare an old Marlin .22 with one that looks like an AR-15 or Colt .22 they both are semi-autos — no difference besides the looks. Think about it. Get control of your kids!

G. Young

Central Point

Taxpayer-funded abortion

Aren’t we proud? Oregon is one of only a few states where taxpayers fund abortions, including very late abortions.

I am reminded of when I got home from work one day in January 1973, my wife relayed what our 6-year-old son said after watching the TV events of that day (Roe vs. Wade). He asked his mother, “what is a bortion?” She explained it for a 6-year-old, where after a contemplative pause, he said, “Mommy, they are killing the future!” If a child can grasp this fundamental concept, where are the responsible adults? Oregon politicians should be ashamed.

Michael McDermott


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