Letters to the Editor, April 3

Letters to the Editor, April 3

Don’t overreact to market

Headlines about stock market declines use the words “loss,” “lost,” and it’s my belief we will see the words “made,” “gained,” etc. Many have expressed concern about investing. Their reluctance to invest in stocks may be those headlines, which can be deceiving.

No one who has invested in the financial markets as a whole has either “gained” or “lost” money when the markets fluctuated. Those gains or losses only occur if one sells. Consequently, I have anecdotally seen euphoria and despair by people who may be novices, or not as involved in their portfolios as they might be.

It’s important to have professional investment advice wherein a portfolio of securities is well designed for the investor based upon their relative financial resources, age, needs and personality. This portfolio will experience upward and downward changes over time. Given time and appropriate matching of the investors reasonable goals the fluctuations have proven to be upward.

Our current political situation may impact markets over the short term but a five- to 10-year investment outlook is appropriate for most of us.

Be informed, don’t react but apply common sense. It can be fruitful.

Jerry Sands


Intimidation failed

This is with regard to Jared Foy (wannabe preacher) and the rest of the NRA protesters who came with AR-15s, handguns and ammo strapped to their chests at the “March for our Lives.”

The only weapons you brought to the march were weapons designed to kill people. Obviously there are no hunters in your group and very few left in the NRA for that matter. I guess you brought enough firepower to kill us all and intimidate us, but you failed (although I heard some gasps and alarm at the amount of firepower you brought.)

Now go crawl back in the hole you came from and pull the cow pie back over your head as you leave. The rest of my words on this subject are not fit for this publication.

Doug Daeschner

Eagle Point

Inanimate object rights

In a Mail Tribune article, a young girl stated, “We allow a system that prioritizes the rights of an inanimate object over the rights of our citizens, and our children’s right to learn.”

I believe she has it wrong. The inanimate object to which she refers is the gun. An inanimate object has no rights. The people have rights.

Gun ownership is a right of the people. This nation’s founding fathers included that right in the U.S. Constitution. It is there in order for this nation’s people to have the means to resist a tyrannical government.

Why do you think certain entities frighten younger people into demanding more gun control laws? It is one step closer to complete gun elimination and confiscation. There are thousands of gun control laws already on the books throughout the U.S. Each law is an infringement on the Second Amendment right to possess and bear arms. Benjamin Franklin wrote, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Be careful what you wish for, you may get it, and will have to suffer the consequences associated with that wish.

Randall C. Hale


O&C Counties honor Walden

On March 22 the Association of O&C Counties recognized Congressman Greg Walden for his role in securing funding in the amount of $65 million over the next two years for the Association of O&C Counties. This funding is in the bill just approved by the House and the Senate. Congressman Walden is to be commended for his continued work on management reforms and funding that is desperately needed to reduce the amount of fires that plague the forests in Oregon.

Lovella Moore

Central Point

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