Letters to the Editor, April 25

Letters to the Editor, April 25

Go see ‘Pankhurst’

Every day we hear complaints from women who are not being given pay equal to that of their male counter-parts. And that is true.

However, there is one thing they can rejoice in: They have received the vote. And this happened because of a lot of hard work by women some years ago, fighting for women’s rights.

One of these fighters was the British suffragette, Emmeline Pankhurst, who set up the Women’ Franchise League in 1898. Due to her hard work and that of other women, going up against such adversaries as Henry Asquith and Winston Churchill, she finally prevailed, and women in Great Britain received the vote in 1928.

Jeannine Grizzard, known for her outstanding work in theater in this area for the past several years, wanted to bring us the Pankhurst story. She wrote a poerful piece about Ms. Pankhurst and is now playing her down at the Ashland Community Center on weekends in April. Go and see her work; it is impressive — a true tour de force!

Katherine Ross


The need to focus

It is time for Democrats to stop using buzzwords to mask real meaning. For example, the term “too far left” is used to discredit a faction of its party.

Specifically, what does “too far left” mean about the policies of progressives like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders? Is it too far left to have an effective Consumer Protection Bureau? Universal health care? Stop banks from uncontrolled speculation? Reduce the gross disparity of wealth? Stop privatization from everything from prisons to water?

Unfortunately this demeaning comes from the Tom Perez wing of the Democratic Party. That wing is the establishment wing — the best wing money could buy. The Goldman Sachs wing. It lost the last election.

It is the progressive, “too far left,” wing that is not tone deaf, that values country over party. It is the wing that hears the needs of people. To seriously care for people’s needs is truly democratic, and the only hope for a real alternative in the coming elections. No more buzzwords. Honest representation, instead.

Leif Hatlestad

Rogue River

When will Dems learn?

Isn’t it curious how time and again nationwide the Democratic Party “finds” ways of discrediting truly progressive candidates, i.e. those candidates who vow not to take PAC money and be beholden to vested interests?

Such a pity to see these sorts of baseless accusations being made, without any evidence, against Jeff Golden, the only candidate who has the integrity not to take PAC money. Do we really want mud-slinging candidates representing us? When are the Democrats going to learn?

Brenda Blair


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