Letters to the Editor, April 14

Letters to the Editor, April 14

Housing, not jails

Jail is the most expensive form of public housing. We have more people in jail than all other countries combined.

Our cost per year per prisoner is $31,000 to $60,000

A 1,000-bed prison would cost us $31 million a year.

Why do we have so many homeless people?

The 2008 housing foreclosures robbed families of their homes and savings.

No bank executive went to jail!

Without enough public transportation, you need a car to go to work. Health insurance keeps going up and is still unaffordable,. People lose everything to medical bills.

Minimum wages pay $ 512 for a 50-hour work week, often 2 different jobs. Can you eat or sleep under some sort of roof, dress and get cleaned up for work? How can you get there?

The rich get richer (our county administrator makes over $400,000 a year).

The poor get locked up, they do not have housing or a clean bathroom they can afford. Housing assistance would do a lot more for the poor than jail.

Once a person has been imprisoned, it is impossible to get another job.

Build public housing instead of jails.

H Seeman


Reprimand Rogue Disposal

Let me see if I have this right. Rogue Disposal has a recycling department, owns many shiny red recycling trucks, many more red bins, hires many truck drivers, who still pick up every two weeks, provides us with a list of acceptable items, and warns us not to include non-recyclables in its bins, says this service is free on their billing statements, and then directs their drivers to make a bee-line straight to the landfill and drop their loads.

To me, They’re doing one thing and telling us something else. And it is the telling that is the lie. For that, the company should be reprimanded by the city of Medford or have their franchise revoked.

America needs to recycle its own material, and we need to either pay for regional “mini-China” processing plants or be prepared to dedicate (future farm?) land to more and more landfills. Are we ready for that?

Until Rogue Disposal develops a real recycling program, I am not going to dishwasher clean my dirty tin cans or separate out my garbage or recyclables.

Dan Heath


Thanks for stepping up

Kudos to Hayden Homes and First Story for stepping up to help Vietnam War vet William Verschoor rebuild his home. I hope that Hayden does indeed find other opportunities in the valley in which to lend a hand. Thank you!

Pam Wasko


The Democrat we need

After hearing Jamie McLeod-Skinner speak on two occasions, I am convinced that this is the Democrat we need to represent Congressional District 2 in Congress.

Not only does she have a thoughtful and intelligent grasp of the issues facing Oregonians, but also her proposed solutions are smart and are a good fit for this very diverse district. Her leadership skills and experience are impressive (see her website: jamiefororegon.com).

Greg Walden’s time has passed, and Jamie is more than ready to hit the ground running when she reaches Washington, D.C. I urge a vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner in the primary on May 15.

Maureen Hicks


Insanity rules

Suppose the National Institutes of Health declared they solved cancer. We’d be delighted! But suppose their solution comprised telling us cancer no longer exists and defunding research.

Suppose the Defense and State departments announced they solved all international conflicts. Again, we’d be delighted, unless their solution was to argue that international conflicts have all disappeared.

Sound ridiculous? Think again!

This is the how the Trump administration and congressional Republicans address the problem of global warming and its disastrous climate chaos consequences. Exactly as climate scientists across the globe provide irrefutable confirmation, we are seeing conspicuous warming trends in the Rogue Valley and alarming climate consequences.

Meanwhile, Congressional and State Republicans, along with the Trump administration, have solved our problem. While occasionally individual Republicans disagree, collectively the party has solved the problem with see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil philosophy. They have ignorantly decided that the consensus of 97 percent of climate scientists and all professional scientific organizations and academies of science across the world is a conspiracy — so we needn’t worry. Despite the Defense Department identifying global warming as a national Ssecurity threat, Trump is now closing down global warming research at NASA. Problem solved; insanity rules!

Alan Journet


Supporting Golden

I’ve known Jeff since the mid 1980’ when he was a county commissioner.

I appreciated how Jeff spent the time necessary to understand a variety of complex issues and his strong support of our environment. He did his homework. I found him to be caring and open to differing opinions.

The fact that he is running a locally funded campaign is an example of his desire to be independent of outside interests. I fully expect his broad experience and solid work ethic will make him an excellent representative for our region, Oregon Senate District 3 in Salem.

Eric Dittmer


Trump’s tax?

Could someone help explain, where does money from tariffs go?

If the price of the import is increased, who gets the extra money? Is this an import tax?

So, if the funds go to the federal government, can we call this Trump’s tax?

George Fribance


KTVL’S fearful news

I really like the news anchors at KTVL’s newscasters and the meteorologist, Milt Radford, but I cannot watch their news anymore.

The Sinclair Broadcast Group, the station owners, offer viewers a healthy dose of fear at the end of the broadcasts with the Terrorism Desk: A lovely young woman standing before a pulsing blood-red background, gives an adrenaline-rush, “War of the Worlds”-is-coming flash, with words and images of fearful destruction across the world. It is not news but political propaganda reminding us to hate, fear and be wary of the stranger danger all around us. After all, we need the Mighty Military to protect us, but never mind what the adrenaline and stress is doing to your immune system or the possibility of peace.

I assume the Terrorism Desk is currently showing at all 193 Sinclair stations, and as the Tribune reported April 3, “Sinclair, the biggest TV broadcaster in the U.S., is now attempting to acquire more and if approved will reach 72 percent of American households.” How’s that for a brave new world keeping America fearful and captivated by warmongering at dinner time? To eat or digest in peace, just change the channel.

Sally McKirgan


Shopping cart logic

Suppose we all received a notice from the U.S. Postal Service that said: Starting May 1 you will be required to display a sign by your mailbox saying that “Removing mail from this box is illegal.” This sign must also include your name and phone number.

If articles of your mail end up at the dead letter office, you will receive a one-time recorded call to inform you of its location. If you take longer than seven days to retrieve your mail, you will incur a $50 fine. After 30 days, your fine jumps to $500 and your mail will be destroyed.

It’s time that victims of mail theft take some responsibility!

Stan Carstensen


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