Letters to the Editor, April 13

Letters to the Editor, April 13

Frightened into submission

FOX news, in the course of setting U.S. foreign and domestic policy via ownership of a president who doesn’t know anything, is finally able to sufficiently frighten the American people into submission. In addition, we have a Congress that is terrified of an electorate that they don’t understand.

We are not under attack by Muslim terrorists, certainly not as much as from white American terrorists. We are not about to be invaded by caravans and hordes of Mexican and other Central American drug dealers, rapists and murderers.

We are not about to be bombed by Iran, North Korea or anyone else stupid enough to consider it. If we go to war, simply to divert attention from Mueller’s Russia probe, it will be of our doing, and ours alone.

The media are not the enemy of the people, and Democrats are not trying to take all guns away from everybody. Russia, however, has won a share of the ownership of our presidency and our election process.

We have no leadership from any branch of government, therefore, no protection from them. What can we do about it?. Or are we just plain stuck?

Don Azar


Stupid white man commercials

Historically many groups have been demeaned and ridiculed based on race, color, sex, intelligence, handicaps and creed. I concur 100 percent that this is totally wrong.

I don’t support it to any degree, and strive to see that it does not happen when I have the ability to do so. I agree with the vast majority that this type of action is wrong, un-American and un-Christian.

In recent years I have noted that white men in our society have become the new target. The fact that white men are not a protected class does not make this acceptable.

Commercials that stereotype white men as being inferior in intelligence, inept, crude, or lacking in character are as wrong as the discriminations of the past, as listed above. Personally, when two products are advertised, and one of the companies demeans anybody, including white men, I make my purchase with the company of higher character. Wrong is wrong, and right is right.

Bern Case


Vote for Golden

Umm ... I have a confession to make: In past elections, when I didn’t know much about any of the candidates, I’d look at the Voters’ Pamphlet. I figured that if “good” organizations were supporting a candidate, then I could vote for that person. But, this time there is one candidate for Senate District 3 who is not accepting any money from PACs, corporations or special interests. What I didn’t know was — if you don’t agree to accept their money, then you do not get their endorsement. This candidate isn’t willing to accept this trade-off because those endorsements and contributions always come with strings attached. Even the “good” organizations will make demands.

If you are ready to elect a different kind of candidate, one who isn’t tied to any special interest money, one who says, “Leadership is supposed to be chosen by elections, not auctions,” then vote for Jeff Golden.

David Lane


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