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Letters to the editor, Nov. 18

Hero to all

Congratulations firefighters.

You have become what all little boys dream of being when they grow up.

A firefighter,

a real-life superhero!

Risking your own life to save the life of a stranger.

Driving hundreds of miles into the night, towards the unknown.

The countless sleepless nights.

Leaving with stories you can’t take home.

Thank you for your limitless courage.

Thank you for saving our lives.

But most of all, thank you for taking time away from your family,

to save the lives of ours.

You are no longer just a childhood hero,

But a hero to us all.

A. Compher


Buffer zones could help prevent wildfires

Another catastrophic fire requiring over 250,000 people to evacuate their homes with little notice to save their lives. While we pray for all affected, we need to look closely at what can be done to prevent these types of situations from happening.

Public land policies do not mesh with zoning policies regarding public safety. Extreme environmental and conservation groups litigate for limited active management of public lands, while growing communities allow for ever more expansions that border public lands. Climate change and drought have been contributing factors but are not new, we have been dealing with both forever, while little has been done to deal with the public lands surrounding our communities.

Defensible spaces need to be established along escape routes and around entire communities. According to the Forest Service, embers can travel over a mile and ignite fires; if that is so, then the buffers should be in excess of a mile deep and thinned to a point that a fire can’t get into the crowns of the trees and continue to spread.

Jackson County should pass an ordinance establishing fire buffer zones that can stop forest fires from burning our communities. We are all at risk.

Gordon Challstrom


Congress decides immigration law

It follows from this theory of consent that the whole people must consent to each individual’s membership in that society. As Gouverneur Morris argued in the Convention, “every society from a great nation down to a club had the right of declaring the conditions on which new members should be admitted.”

The United States Constitution grants to Congress the power “to establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization.” The people have delegated to Congress the power to fix the terms under which America will consent to an immigrant becoming a member of the American political community. If the immigrant wishes to become a citizen and chooses to abide by those conditions, then citizenship shall be conferred upon him.

The American people are collectively represented by their government, which speaks for them, through the law, in deciding who shall be admitted as a new member of the political community.

D. Herrmann

Eagle Point

Sensationalism trend

As I opened up my Sunday edition of the newspaper I expected to see the front page covered with articles and a list of events honoring our veterans. What faced me was a horrifying picture of a cannabis psycho. In the current-day trend of sensationalism, it is disappointing that our newspaper cannot take a timeout and honor the heroes of our past who have fought for our right to free speech and freedom and provide a schedule of Veterans Day events which we can attend to show our support. We also need to remember our young veterans who need our recognition and support today as well as throughout the year.

My wife and I have been subscribers for over a decade and I have noted that this is not the first time this has happened, I recall another sensationalized drug story splashed across the front page on a previous year’s Easter Sunday.

Please, in the future think about the day and not the sensationalism that is ruining our country.

Ray Wedel


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