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Letters to the editor, Nov. 14

Honor Flight says thanks

The board of directors of Honor Flight of Oregon would like to thank the Rogue Chapter No. 1260 of the Non Commissioned Officers Association and its chairman, Terry Haines, for their outstanding and patriotic volunteerism in 2018. To date, because of Terry’s unwavering and unstoppable drive to honor our local veterans, NCOA has raised more than $28,000 in donations for Honor Flight.

Their support has assured Honor Flight of Oregon will be able to escort World War II, Korea and Vietnam veterans on another flight next year to visit Washington, D.C., and their memorials.

Every donation adds up to make these trips possible. To support Honor Flight and honor our local veterans, please contact us at Honorflightoforegon@gmail or visit the website at honorflightoforegon.org. Thank you to everyone.

Ron Kohl

President, Honor Flight of Oregon


Cougar article went deeper

Thanks for printing Erin Ross’ well-researched article on the complex and challenging issue of managing Oregon’s cougar population. Like this issue, many challenges we face are complicated, but are presented in the press and elsewhere in over-simplified terms or false equivalence. Thanks Erin for digging deeper, and MT for printing a more complete perspective.

Stuart Meyer


Peace Corps volunteers are not veterans

As a returned Peace Corps volunteer, I eagerly read the article “Called to Serve Others.” However, I was increasingly uneasy with the story of returned Peace Corps volunteers aligning themselves with veterans this past Veterans Day. My husband and I made the choice to teach in an archipelago in the South Pacific. Our experience was much different than that of my friends who spent time in the military.

We did not go through boot camp, we did not wear uniforms, we were not trained in military combat, and we were never put in harm’s way. We came back from our experience with many stories. We did not come home with PTSD, bodily injuries or chronic health issues.

I am proud of my service as a Peace Corps volunteer. However, I am humbled by the sacrifices veterans have made so that I can continue to live in a country with freedoms my Peace Corps host country never had.

Mary Snowden


Stop the harassment

Google‘s computer calls me twice a day. Ignoring has no effect. Waiting and pushing 2 has no effect, talking to a “real” person has no effect. I do not have any reason to list with them. Corvalis --- 230-3310 is the number they call me from. I can put the phone off the hook or let them wake me from naps. This harassment has been going on forever. Have any of you got a solution?

Gloria Cox


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