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Letters to the editor, Sept. 11, 2018

We need to adapt

At the infamous meeting on smoke on Nov. 9, a winemaker got up to complain that his business was growing at only 10 percent per year, while it was growing at 20 percent per year when the air wasn’t smoky. A local logging expert said that 50 percent of the annual growth would have to be harvested to get rid of the smoke.

We are not entitled to have the government fix our business models. Merchantable logs are not the first to burn; a thick understory, sometimes with logging slash, promotes fires.

Of the forest land in Oregon, almost 60 percent is in federal public ownership, while 20 percent is owned by private industry and 15 percent is owned by private landowners (www.oregon.gov). We need a comprehensive plan to reduce fuels in our forests, and that won’t be implemented by next summer. Meanwhile we need to adapt.

Neal Anderson


Service we can count on

I doubt Dr. Lanita Witt, current candidate for Jackson County commissioner, will remember me as one of her countless patients years ago or recall my gratified attendance at her health education programs. As stewards of our natural resources, however, we’ve crossed paths over the past 25 years.

My observations of her work in service to our community and the land compel me to enthusiastically support her candidacy.

Her knowledge of healthcare issues and agriculture and forestry issues, along with her economic development ideas and business experience (willowwittranch.com) give her a background that will benefit our county. Further, her plans to provide more opportunities for civic engagement (lanitawitt.com) will make it easier for us to participate in decisions affecting our and our county’s future. Lanita Witt for service we can count on.

Pat Gordon


A deafening silence

Have you noticed that Republican candidates and incumbents don’t object to caged children, blatant nepotism, ignorance or the rape of America? Me neither. And now they say they will rob us of our Medicare and Social Security so they can pay for their $1.5 trillion billionaire giveaway deficit. (Goodbye house, hello shopping cart!)

And which of them are fighting against the poisons being put back in our water and food? The silence from Republicans at all levels is deafening as they march in lock step under a greed-driven banner of ignorance, lies, corruption, racism and hate.

When did the Republican Party morph into such a virulently destructive and evil force? Why don’t any of them speak up for decency and life on earth?

For that matter why won’t they speak with constituents and why do they refuse to attend crucial forums? And where in the heck is Walden?

Lee Lull


Look deeper on fire

Are we merely provincial here in the Rogue Valley? Are we not aware that fires are now a worldwide phenomenon?

It is not just Oregon and California. It is New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, western Canada, Australia, northern Scandinavia, India and more. Does no light bulb blink on?

In the MT I read passionate arguments about forest management as if fiddling at the margins would save us. We have been ignoring warnings about carbon for decades and now we are in a defensive posture trying to cope with the consequences of our inaction. Yes, we have to mount expensive defenses but unless we take emergency action against carbon emissions the game is over.

Putting party above country is one thing, but putting party above species is a crime against humanity. As our leader might say, “Sad.”

Michael Sanford


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